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Sunday, 31 July 2011


Guys i won't be typing today for sure, so i have got this post for you people, i hope u would enjoy reading it,
I posted this thing when many of you weren't following me,
enjoy it.

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Still Alive.

starting witha big LOL, that is not big
This is.
OMG, I am just addicted to this thing.
I just can't stay away from this thing for even one day.
Not to mention what a busy day i had, but still i had few hours before i go to my bed, so i thought of wasting few here.
OMG, i never cracked any joke today gosh.
so here is the one.
You would be aware with the tourism lines that countries normally use like
So did u ever wondered what caption does Pakistan uses:
Till u last :P
Don't say it wasn't funny cos i don't have anything else to crack
P.S I just can't even crack my balls they crashed yesterday. :P
I wish i could tell you my jokes like this, no one would dare to say:
WELL, well, well.
Today my day was total hell, there was nothing making sense, all pieces were like jumbled, there was no hint to complete the puzzle,
All of this confusion led me to a barber's place, where i had the worst hair cut ever.
yup, worst one.
I can easily prove it, cos every single hair has been treated differently, if one is like 3mm tall, the other is 2mm and the third one is like .5mm..
I am looking like:
Bald pigeon.
Yah, really i don't know why in the world i went to that stupid barber but my mind wasn't working at that time, and i wasn't paying attention to the barber, cos of this fuckin  cell phone,
i was all the time playing SMS, SMS, with my friends.
I thought visiting a barber today would reduce the burden but now, tmrw i am gonna visit some specialist, take an appointment, and than would at last get my hairs to their good form.
So in other words:
That asshole was lucky, cos that smart ass safely moved the scissors and blades, otherwise i would have been behind the bars by now.
This thing happened around 2pm in the afternoon, that means i had whole day to spend in those awful hairstyle(s), and when i got to my coaching my Sir said:
Had an hardcore today?
I replied:
No, I was rapped.
So before i start to cry again, and give u a wet blog to read i should close this thing up, wrap it up and throw it near dustbin.
Note: i am a Pakistani so i don't throw 'in the dustbin'.
now, i feel like my day is complete.
it was haunting me from the morning that i won't be blogging today, but now i should put a full stop to this awkward day.
so officially:

Friday, 29 July 2011

That was end of season 1

I was born with a silver spoon,
yeah, its a truth
The nurse took me for a bath, brought me back.
My mom took me in her arms but was surprised to see that my silver spoon was nowhere to be seen.
My mom complained about it,
I never got my spoon back, but that was a moment when i knew that.
'I was born in Pakistan'.
YEAH, right.

LOL, i thought i would write a serious stuff today but its just i can't.
So the thing i want to be serious about is:
I Think this post might be my last Summer post.
yup, that's right cos I would be damn busy the next two days, 
cos from Monday:
I can cry more than that..
  So i am not gonna bore u up with about my school thing, no worries,
but i have got some important things to share rather than sticking on this boredom stuff.
This Summer wasn't good nor it was bad but it was 
If someone asks me to describe my life these days, i would draw this picture.
Now as there are always two single asses making a whole ass, likewise there are always two sides.
so firstly why this summer was unpredictable on the dark side.
Firstly the most saddest thing happened to me,
My parents got separated,, yeah it was so bad, so bad so bad, that i just can't explain
24th may, the worst day when my family quarrels reached to their extreme and my parents decided it was enough now.
It was the first time i cried for something that much
Exactly same. :(
Why in the world i am getting u bored...i should leave it here cos i am in no mood to cry again, but i am glad that few days back i recieved a call from my dad but he never mentioned any thing that "every thing would be alright" or something like that. A Pity.
urghhhhhhhhhh, leave it......
so what's more.
so what's more
we moved to "Gulshan-e-Maymar".
that is bad, so bad i should call it as 'One of the worst things of my life'.
What is so worst about it?
Everything, i am living in a forest,  yeah, i can make that Tarzan's sound too, yeah all day long either am on fir, juniper, or coconut trees, swinging with monkeys.
They are spoiling me.

Ok that was too much.
But, some how it is like that, well i would say.
I am not living in Karachi.
And as Hamza once said that "we are the people increasing the area of Karachi. :P
So these two would be enough to explain how unpredictable holidays were on the bad side.
There is i think no need to cook your brain up that why these holidays were unpredictable on the good side,
u all know that, because i found u all and i started blogging.
Before u turn into this, i should really shut the hell up.
I forgot the most importan tpart i just got two awards ..
a cup of coffee from Copper Cattle  to all of you, but all u would need to do is to pay for yours.

So cool na?
yah, they are 
and the one who awarded me with them is cooler than these awards
any guesses
For god sake, this is no any prize distribution.
Ok man, so the name of that person is:
Hamza bin Laden.
If u r not following him yet.
What the hell were u doing uptil now, u haven't met the king here. :D
My ass less pal Hamza, i just have any thing except for these plastic asses to gift you.
 This would be all for today i think...
shouts of hey ISLY to my brand new awesome fan:
  1. Maryam.
that would be all now:
The end
I Will be back soon in 1 week time. :D
love u all

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Blah Blah Blah.

Its been a habit now, that i start with cracking 'hillariouly lame' joke,
i don't know what would happen when my jokes would come to an end, maybe i would crack my 'brains' instead. :P
Hope u got the brains.
yes, I Know That.
Man, i really need a therapy or plastic surgery or to be exact a bigger face, cuz the curve that started to grow a few days back is like overgrowing in size every time i sneak at my blog, and mostly its cuz of this girl named
sorry, but you are mostly to be Blamed. :D
Her comments are so, like a recreational thing for me, that i can't stop my self from smiling.
Cat from China :P

So, before u guys think that I am FLIRTING, lets just add a full stop to this thing here.
OMG, some 'kamina', kat gaya my pockets. :P
You Know what that means?
Some one just robbed my ideas. :/
No problem, i told ya i am smart, like Pathans i have got a pocket near my belt. :P
Its kinda hillarious, when they are like standing somewhere and all of a sudden they would grab there kurta,and then from the pocket in shalwar they would take the money out, but would first unzip it :D
It once happened that i was like standing at Mc Donald, and behind me was standing a pathan, and then suddenly he grabbed his kurta and unzipped the pocket, behind him were some gora people and they started to laugh, just to cheer them up a bit more, i said to that pathan.
"I am not that type of guy".
Pathan was shocked and I rocked.
Oi, i forgot, if any one among u is a pathan, nothing personal, cuz my own mom is a one. :P

now this is great, learn it by heart.
OMG, hell awesoe, got my pocket stuff bank.
So today i wanted so to share the description of a bank manager.
The most awkward, Hilarious and ajeeb si dressing i have ever seen.
This guy was almost 40, with the charli chaplan type mustaches and haires were like mixture of white and black.
he had a face with extra cream or i don't what was it (maybe his wife's cosmetic stuff) stuffed all over him except for his eyes, that was too awkward, cuz dark spots and that white cream, YUK.
before moving further:
Read at your own risk, it might give u a headache or something terrible, so i won't be responsible if u filled ur P.C or Laptop with the yellow liquid, with soluble food particles and a nose-hair burning smell, so called VOMIT.
He was wearing a grey coat, a bright green shirt and a bright red tie with yellow spots on it.
His pant color was like something similar  to peach and had black stripes all over it, he wore a black belt and fawn colored shoes with dull brown socks.
Indeed, he wasn't looking like a manager but a wholesome Clown.
He was surely one of his own kind. :P

Oh, SORRY Mr Clown, i never meant insulting u.
So what's more,
I read my horoscope today it said:
"keep ur eyes on the ball, and live the moment till the end".
Statement sounds like it has been taken from a movie.
So, i thought maybe i would get some task or anything else, but so unfortunate of me, it was a real ball a shot-put ball, which was thrown by my sister towards me and i never say it and that ball crashed my balls.
OUCH..!!!damn it u bitch, was all i maintained to say before crying out so loud that even our neighbors came to their windows.

A fully metal made ball which weighs almost half kg.
There is no girl who can :P
So this would be all for today, cuz its almost 12:30 and i can hear my mom shouting,
and yea mee i got an award today, which i am gonna show to you guys tomorrow, Insha-Allah.
Take care, see ya soon.
shouts of HEY, ISLY to my brand new awesome followers:

  1. Areeba Zaidi
  2. Nostalgic 
  3. Mishi 
How can i forget you guys, now its officially 'the end'   which means:

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

don't try this nausea-stic stuff, I don't want my reader wasting time in bed.

Football is the most perverted game.
22 guys run after a single ball, in SHORTS, and when they get it, all they do is kick its 'ASS', as hard as possible.
WHAT!!! u never thought that.
But I did, oh cuz i am smart.
So before i really start boasting  about me lets get started with what today i have in my pocket.
OH MAN! damn it! I am wearing shorts without pockets. :P
Ok, now that  wasn't lame.
SO, Today, i wasn't really in the typical 'Blogging' mood, but when i switched my laptop on, i wasn't in the mood to avoid blogging.

 So, do you know that a strong guy, in a fight would always go for a direct kill
a strong women, would always visit a nearby saloon first.
Now that wasn't lame.
Yup it wasn't lame, cuz it wasn't a joke but a fact.
Today i had a real tough day, OMG, and u won't believe me but i took 3 cups of coffee, while writing this, and i dare not to ask my sis for one more, cuz i really don't want the cup to be smashed on my had.
Today, i had to go to my institute at 5, then when finally i got free at 8, i heard that the road that usually i take to ride home was blocked.
When i inquired a guy, he said since 7:30 pm, it is like jammed from every side, A No Way Out, kinda thing.
What's more, i had to wait for my sis outside her coaching for almost 27 minutes, i wasn't alone, i had  the-moronic-kind-girl-with-extra-noisy-voice-and-too-many-blackheads-and-was-among-those-who-murder-all-your-brain-cells-and-cooks-them-for-dinner, she wasn't my friend, but my sister's friend and for few days we were dropping her. So my lethargic, lazy and damn lazy sister came 27 minutes late, and thank god, she wasn't late for a few more minutes, other wise i would have booked her friend to hell.
Lucky me, i found her x-ray, in her bag.
Now, just imagine sitting with this kind of creature for almost half an hour, u just can't feel my pain and all she was saying was, blaablaablaablaablaa,jsfbnsfbsjfdbdivbdkjfbd;veubnfvkjdbnfvujdbn dvjebv.
Did u got that? yup, i just can't make a single word out of them.
Just imagine, and as if this wasn't much, it took us 2 hours and 43 minutes, exactly to get home, and for almost 2 hours and 15 minutes we were tasting carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and all the other scientific bad gasses.
Except for this one.
I don't know whether it was in the air but even if it had been in the air, it is so weak compared to the others.
After, what happened with me today i at least got one thing straight in my mind and now it is locked there forever.
When luck plays bad with you, its awful and impossible to get away without crying.
Cuz, as if that wasn,t enough we had only 2 CNG points left and obviously because of this we were not allowed to switch the A.C on.
Yes, i too got one now.
This is called the extreme bad luck, and now i am in my bed, with laptop in my hand, migraine pain in my head, my nose is like red as tomato and now am playing basketball with the tissue and dustbin.
I am like upside down today, but at least i am thankful to god that we made it to home safely.
When we got home i was in my worst temper but thanks to bloggert i am quite good now, at least i maintained my record of posting five consecutive blogs in five days, cheers for that.
Thankyou, for the 7th time for following my Pathetic Blog
P.S pathetic blog is an oxymoron.
That would be all for today, cuz i really need a sleep so that i can wake up back tomorrow.

That is all folks, see ya soon.

Thank you for wasting your time at this page.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

From deep deep deep part of my heart. lol that would be cells.

How could i forget it, OMG, i do really need an intel brain which can have a memory card.
To my new followers:
  1. Faryal hassan
  2. The other side of me
  3. Faraz Ezazi
  4. Ezazi
You guys just don't know how happy i am, 
AM happier than i am on my birthday.
The curve on my face has been growing wider and wider since yesterday and now my jaws are hurting too much.
No need to say cheese..
I have been smiling too much that my lips are now oversize but still i don't care.
It is cuz i never dreamt i would be having ten+ followers, It's kinda dream come true.
Many many hugs to my followers, you people are really special for me.
and, I LOVE U, people more than i love my own reflection in mirror.
When i started with this blogging, 
telling the truth, It was a show off kinda thing, but then spasmodically i grasped the real auspicious meaning behind it.
Now there is not a day when i am not blogging. OMG.
When i started, there was only one guy following me.
Hamza, known usualy as HBL.
Well, i would say he is my mentor.
He is really the most expensive gift god has ever given me.
Till may 13, he was the only active follower i had, so i started following myself. :P
So, previously i said i used blogging just to show off, yup that is correct, may be that was the reason god never sent a follower to me, he was teaching me a lesson.'Thank you god'.
i started on i think 3rd march and slowly slowly, i started to quit blogging, and every time i used to do so, Hamza would tell me good stuff about it and then like bring a beacon of hope near me, that would force me to write.
I am glad i never gave up, and today i got a fruit for this.
Thank you, bro. I love you.
What's more.
yeah, so how i got obsessed with this thing?
This is also because of this guy HAMZA that i got a chance to visit bloggers meet up.
That day i said to my self, 
"DAMN, blogging is awesome".
Since that day i am really obsessed with blogging and won't stop it.
Lets sum it up, with final statement. 

Monday, 25 July 2011

Crease The COIL.

A men can never get two things:
  1. Extra Balls
  2. .
I thought men have two balls, so what are you looking for now :D
so, it was lame. 
Sorry for that lame start, but i have got some more great stuff left in my pocket.
So today i am gonna discourage: 
so u think u are the best???
Ok, so lets start with auspicious quote:
A men can do anything but not EVERYTHING.
I don't know who the hell said that but he was too a human but he was a smart one like me, he wasn't fishy like u all, thinking that u can easily cross any limits and boundaries and can do everything.
( tongue expression).
Here is the most idiot among your race,
just look at this idiot, who thought he could go into past.

He never make it to past, but he made it to:
the same place where u all go in the end.
What made me think that u all r idiots was the fact:
U guarantee that u can do anything, but u can't just lick ur own elbow with ur tongue. :P
What is more.
You can't touch ur last tooth with your tongue even.
Don't tell me that you tried it. IDIOT.
Wait don't leave, now i am getting serious with this thing.
What really made me hate humans,are few things that i am now tired of witnessing.
They are:
  1. YOU just CAN'T see ONE of YOUR own RACE happy. i.e JEALOUSY.
  2. YOU just NEVER except YOUR mistakes U have A habit OF blaming OTHERS.
  3. YOU lie, even THOUGH u know THAT others LIKE you HAVE emotions
  4. YOU kill, even THOUGH u KNOW its BAD.
  5. YOU love LUXURIES and DON'T care ABOUT those WHO can't AFFORD them
  6. YOU live IN the MOST beautiful PLANET in YOUR solar SYSTEM but YOU still HARM her.
  7. YOU know THAT what YOU do IS bad, BUT still YOU DON'T CARE.
That is what YOU say.
It's like all what i ahd in my pockets.
I have a request, what I just typed above seems the right thing to me but this would be the first time i want my self to be wrong, and i want u to correct me.
P.S, I am not a human any more. not that i am castrated, no but my heart turned to stone.
this would be the 'THE END' for today.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Heart served, Eat it u MAN EATER

This one thing hunts me,
Why I don't post every day.!!!!
I just don't know why, but i think it is because i type slowly, haahhaha, this thing reminds me of the time when I used to find the words on the keyboard and just typing my name would take 5 whole minutes and i would feel like am in heaven.
P.S it was like 2 years back, now am turning a pro.
now this is how i use it now.
So what haunts me more, i don't have followers, its been a whole month since i started blogging regularly and added it to my schedule.
Ok now if u r thinking that i write to get followers, yeah u can say that, i don't write just to keep it to myself, than what is the use of blogging, i write so that i can tell people what i think, my perception, that i am too living with a flow.
'Living with the flow'.
This reminds me of a joke.
I can't get my feet steady on the earth, the beat is so high that i bounce back.
STUPID, its not the beat, u r having a gaseous problem.
Ok this was a lame joke, but i love lame jokes, why? 
Damn, they r at least jokes.
Back 'to why i don't blog daily, i also blame my family for that.
They won't let me use internet as much as i want, they think i 'exploit' the use of internet, this is not my mom or dad but my uncle, once i was so outrageous that i went too far in the argument and then, my laptop was seized.
Well, that is bad, and that is why i hate being old, they kinda think everything from their perspective, i am tired of convincing them that its our generation not yours.
screw u oldies. (not all of u)
Let me see, what else is in my pocket, except for the rocket, jokes apart,
I have one more thing to say but before i move further, why don't u get a coffee for two, because i know u would be like hell while readint this one.
why for two? lol, aren't u gonna invite me to a coffee.
So the last thing was, was, was, oh my god i forgot it, why?
This is because while writing i had to take a break because of our beloved K.E.S.C
In Pakistan nothing but load shedding is punctual. 
Hats off to the punctuality.

 Yes, it got back into my mind.
Intel brain, that is what i need, with a memory card. 
So  the last thing is, 'I Love Girls'.
but still this is for every girl, (nothing personal).
Aristotle said, "Women are incomplete men".
I say, how the hell they got half of the SUPERIORITY.
Nothing personal, but its just for the sake of fun.
thank you for reading, its: