i luv u, u love me, we r a happy family. :D

Know me WELL.

This is me, an alien looking guy, with loads of fun in life, with dozens of jokes in pocket (no one laughs on), with great songs in my memory card.
I do everything from, reading poetry to writing raps, from basket ball to swimming, from facebooking to blogging and from watching movies to cartoons.
more over, my posts are about me and my thinking, and i have heard someone say
"man is surely known more through his words than appearance".
i love dance, girls, food, girls, drinks, girls, my school, girls, books, girls, life, girls.
and and and
my greatest dream is to reach the highest height, and my greatest nightmare is to fall from it.
the most positive thing about me,: i have lots of friends
my greatest fear: if those friends left me, i would be a junk
writing is my passion and i dont give a damn, what u think abt it.
i love to hang out with friends, bunk my classes and tease teachers.
i like strawberries and caramel a lot. i love sneakers (chocolate).
i like to wear shirts of Ralph Lauren, U.S Polo Assn, aeropostale and John Ashford.
in jeans i dont really give shit what am wearing, but i do give a damn abt my foot wear and i have got a variety starting from Hush Puppies to court-classic.

i love karate a lot, cuz they make me look funky.
i love watches by titan and U.S. polo.
i hate dress pants and i also hate bandannas.
people who inspire me include:

  1. HOLY PROPHET p.b.u.h
  2. Issac Newton
  3. Albert Einstein 
  4. Justin Gaarder
  5. Leonardo-da-vinci
  6. Dan Brown and
  7. Benjamin Franklin
if i am asked to sum up my self i would say:
That is all i wanted to share about me.