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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Still Alive.

starting witha big LOL, that is not big
This is.
OMG, I am just addicted to this thing.
I just can't stay away from this thing for even one day.
Not to mention what a busy day i had, but still i had few hours before i go to my bed, so i thought of wasting few here.
OMG, i never cracked any joke today gosh.
so here is the one.
You would be aware with the tourism lines that countries normally use like
So did u ever wondered what caption does Pakistan uses:
Till u last :P
Don't say it wasn't funny cos i don't have anything else to crack
P.S I just can't even crack my balls they crashed yesterday. :P
I wish i could tell you my jokes like this, no one would dare to say:
WELL, well, well.
Today my day was total hell, there was nothing making sense, all pieces were like jumbled, there was no hint to complete the puzzle,
All of this confusion led me to a barber's place, where i had the worst hair cut ever.
yup, worst one.
I can easily prove it, cos every single hair has been treated differently, if one is like 3mm tall, the other is 2mm and the third one is like .5mm..
I am looking like:
Bald pigeon.
Yah, really i don't know why in the world i went to that stupid barber but my mind wasn't working at that time, and i wasn't paying attention to the barber, cos of this fuckin  cell phone,
i was all the time playing SMS, SMS, with my friends.
I thought visiting a barber today would reduce the burden but now, tmrw i am gonna visit some specialist, take an appointment, and than would at last get my hairs to their good form.
So in other words:
That asshole was lucky, cos that smart ass safely moved the scissors and blades, otherwise i would have been behind the bars by now.
This thing happened around 2pm in the afternoon, that means i had whole day to spend in those awful hairstyle(s), and when i got to my coaching my Sir said:
Had an hardcore today?
I replied:
No, I was rapped.
So before i start to cry again, and give u a wet blog to read i should close this thing up, wrap it up and throw it near dustbin.
Note: i am a Pakistani so i don't throw 'in the dustbin'.
now, i feel like my day is complete.
it was haunting me from the morning that i won't be blogging today, but now i should put a full stop to this awkward day.
so officially: