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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Heart served, Eat it u MAN EATER

This one thing hunts me,
Why I don't post every day.!!!!
I just don't know why, but i think it is because i type slowly, haahhaha, this thing reminds me of the time when I used to find the words on the keyboard and just typing my name would take 5 whole minutes and i would feel like am in heaven.
P.S it was like 2 years back, now am turning a pro.
now this is how i use it now.
So what haunts me more, i don't have followers, its been a whole month since i started blogging regularly and added it to my schedule.
Ok now if u r thinking that i write to get followers, yeah u can say that, i don't write just to keep it to myself, than what is the use of blogging, i write so that i can tell people what i think, my perception, that i am too living with a flow.
'Living with the flow'.
This reminds me of a joke.
I can't get my feet steady on the earth, the beat is so high that i bounce back.
STUPID, its not the beat, u r having a gaseous problem.
Ok this was a lame joke, but i love lame jokes, why? 
Damn, they r at least jokes.
Back 'to why i don't blog daily, i also blame my family for that.
They won't let me use internet as much as i want, they think i 'exploit' the use of internet, this is not my mom or dad but my uncle, once i was so outrageous that i went too far in the argument and then, my laptop was seized.
Well, that is bad, and that is why i hate being old, they kinda think everything from their perspective, i am tired of convincing them that its our generation not yours.
screw u oldies. (not all of u)
Let me see, what else is in my pocket, except for the rocket, jokes apart,
I have one more thing to say but before i move further, why don't u get a coffee for two, because i know u would be like hell while readint this one.
why for two? lol, aren't u gonna invite me to a coffee.
So the last thing was, was, was, oh my god i forgot it, why?
This is because while writing i had to take a break because of our beloved K.E.S.C
In Pakistan nothing but load shedding is punctual. 
Hats off to the punctuality.

 Yes, it got back into my mind.
Intel brain, that is what i need, with a memory card. 
So  the last thing is, 'I Love Girls'.
but still this is for every girl, (nothing personal).
Aristotle said, "Women are incomplete men".
I say, how the hell they got half of the SUPERIORITY.
Nothing personal, but its just for the sake of fun.
thank you for reading, its: