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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Blah Blah Blah. (part 2)

1 hour and 5 minutes is all i have got,
but am glad at least am here 'ALIVE' typing something i don't even know myself.
Alive, thanks god, for keeping me alive.
These days whenever i am leaving my home for school or somewhere else, every time there is my mom asking god to keep me safe and all that typical mom stuff.
One day i said to my mom, (read it like a soldier with pride):
i said, "Mom! when i am going out, i am like entering the war zone, and if i make it home on time i would return victorious but if i never made home on time
At least order Biryani. :P
OMG, that seems delicious.
Now that is distracting me, so back to the point.
I am not gonna depress u more with those violence acts, i don't want my self to start a bad day either, I would type that stuff may be on saturday.
These days in ramadan, i am busier than our president.
Lol, he is busy?
Yeah he is, making money,
for his future after presidency, i wonder will he survive till then.
You can laugh, no one is charging u for that.
So, my schedule starts with me waking up at 3:30 am, ( 7am, waking up in the morningGotta be fresh, gotta go downstairs
Gotta have my bowl, gotta have cereal, read it like Rebecca black's friday),
so from 3:30 5:15 am, i am busy with sehri and fajr, after 5:15 here i am using internet, at 6:30 i get ready for school, leave the school part, then at 2:00 pm i am back at home, then i bath and its zauhor prayer i have to offer, then at 3:45 i leave for my tuition centre, by 5:45 i am back, then comes the asar, after it i have to play footbal starting from 6:15 to 7:00 pm almost, than its iftari, my favorite part, then maghrib, then at 9:00, i have to go for isha and tarahwi, then at 11:00 i return, totally exhausted, i take shower, change my clothes and by 12:00 am i am in my bed and by 12:30 i am snoring, (no, i don't snore).
So, i am kinda only free at this particular hour, when every one at my place is sleeping.
Me too.
 But still i am loving this month, I never get indulge in songs movies and other notable stuff like that, which is too good.
Oh fish, that is already 6:10, gosh it was quick, so i should leave now cos i have to press my clothes, make my bag, wake my stupid brothers up and leave.
So, bye every one, we will meet back on saturday.
so it officially:
I had to use battery to light up this word, Thanx to K.E.S.C for that. (wink)