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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Blah Blah Blah. (part 4)

a single comma can save a man's life.
So please avoid these small errors for the sake of lives of people living near you.
Always check what you write,
lol, look who is sayin that,
The guy who just wrote sayin, and is too lazy to write saying.
So, peoplez how are you,
no don't answer that in comments, i ain't that courteous, it was just a formality, neither am your doc.
Crazy, isn't it,
who asked u :P
So do u know, u can create an atom bomb yourself,
yes u can,
u know how,
all u will need is to fart consistently for  6 years and 9 months.
I am serious,
search it yourself.

it should have been like this:
life isn't about finding yourself an atomic bomb, its about creating one yourself for yourself.
"Sab choro bomb phoro".
angrez ki nasal:
"leave everything, do bombing". :P
Oye, wait don't start now, u r in a region where:
Cos ,
Hey i said no farting, asshole!!!!!!
Don't tell me what u have eaten in breakfast, lunch or dinner,
i am really not interested in what u ate.
Farting se yad aya
i remembered this from farting:
Once, i went to a shop, which was filled with all crazy stuff,
and there i saw a bag, which produced the 'fart' sound, when pressed.
So all u had to do was to place it on chair and make anyone sit on it, and then:

simply: barhhrhrhrhrhrh
Ok that was a bit:
Ok!! not a bit but it was totally lame.
So people, tighten your belts (of pants)
u lost the game,
i never said
Simon says :P

Oh yeah, 
Areesha bilal tagged me,
and the tag was
i have to search my iPod, (in my case my private memory card), for my favorite songs starting from A to Z.
A         Airplanes B.O.B ft Hayley Williams, Already taken,
B         Beautiful  by Eminem
C         Cosmic love, Crush by David Archuleta
D         Down, Dynamite
E          Edge of Glory, e.t by katy perry
F          Fireworks, Friday by Rebecca, frozen by lady gaga
G         Grenade by bruno mars
H          How to love by Lil wayne
I           Iktara, 
J           Just the way u are by Bruno mars
K         Khanabadosh London dreams
L          Loose yourself, Look at me, Love story
M         Marry you by bruno mars
N          Not afraid by Eminem
O          On the floor, Oh my god by Usher
P           Price tag Jessie J, Pretty little liars theme song
Q           none
R           Rain over me Pitbull, Rapture by nadia ali
S           Schiller ft nadia ali, somebody is me, Something bout love
T           Tik tok, Tonight by Enrique 
U           U make me wanna
V           none  
W          wake me up inside, When i am gone, Wavin flag, we will rock you, we r the world
X           none
Y           Yeah 3x Chris brown
Z            Zoosk girl.

Atlast i did it.
So people, today due to too much homework, and no time, this is all i am posting,
hope i at least bought a smile to your faces, if not
what the hell i can do?
and there is one more thing, 

and this would be the:
and, i may not be commenting on your posts, 
am really sorry for that, cos i am out of time, but still i do my best to read and post comment on your posts,
if i haven't commented on any of your posts, i am really sorry people, u just don't know how busy i am these days,
and OWAIS i hate you. :@