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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

From deep deep deep part of my heart. lol that would be cells.

How could i forget it, OMG, i do really need an intel brain which can have a memory card.
To my new followers:
  1. Faryal hassan
  2. The other side of me
  3. Faraz Ezazi
  4. Ezazi
You guys just don't know how happy i am, 
AM happier than i am on my birthday.
The curve on my face has been growing wider and wider since yesterday and now my jaws are hurting too much.
No need to say cheese..
I have been smiling too much that my lips are now oversize but still i don't care.
It is cuz i never dreamt i would be having ten+ followers, It's kinda dream come true.
Many many hugs to my followers, you people are really special for me.
and, I LOVE U, people more than i love my own reflection in mirror.
When i started with this blogging, 
telling the truth, It was a show off kinda thing, but then spasmodically i grasped the real auspicious meaning behind it.
Now there is not a day when i am not blogging. OMG.
When i started, there was only one guy following me.
Hamza, known usualy as HBL.
Well, i would say he is my mentor.
He is really the most expensive gift god has ever given me.
Till may 13, he was the only active follower i had, so i started following myself. :P
So, previously i said i used blogging just to show off, yup that is correct, may be that was the reason god never sent a follower to me, he was teaching me a lesson.'Thank you god'.
i started on i think 3rd march and slowly slowly, i started to quit blogging, and every time i used to do so, Hamza would tell me good stuff about it and then like bring a beacon of hope near me, that would force me to write.
I am glad i never gave up, and today i got a fruit for this.
Thank you, bro. I love you.
What's more.
yeah, so how i got obsessed with this thing?
This is also because of this guy HAMZA that i got a chance to visit bloggers meet up.
That day i said to my self, 
"DAMN, blogging is awesome".
Since that day i am really obsessed with blogging and won't stop it.
Lets sum it up, with final statement. 


Anonymous said...

Awww This post's so cute. I really love your blog. Be happy cuz Now I'll regularly check on your words. :]

ateeq mughal said...

that makes u reallllllyyyyyy awesome....
thank you........:D

Faraz Ezazi said...

No Young man never underestimate yourself Ur post are really nice.

Try following as many blogs as you can including mine too. This will increase your followers too. :D

ateeq mughal said...

yup, for sure, thanx for the advice, currently my blod's gone nuts and it is not showing my followers, now i can track u with ur comment. (wink)

Ezazi said...

agree with bro!=D
and aww you mentioned me! yayayyay!=D
happy 13 followere, hope you get a lot lot lot lots more!=D
Caio, keep blogging! It rocks. With a capital R!

the other side of me said...

AWWWW..thank you for mentioning my blog...

Keep writing.. you're so lucky to have a supporting friend :):)

..and smile always
P.S:BTW, I love the new layout,because the previous one was quite distracting and I had difficulty reading some words..but you've changed it anyway :):)

Qasid said...

Yes sooooo shweeet Yuk gross disgusting

ateeq mughal said...

@ the other side of me:
ya i had the same problem,
and yah i am too lukyyyyy.
awwwwww, thanx for the wish.
(happy smile), my curve is back again :P

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

You are the best thing that occurred in my life=D

ateeq mughal said...

hahahaha, my assless pal. :D