i luv u, u love me, we r a happy family. :D

Sunday, 18 September 2011


Before Hamza bin laden, breaks into my house and kills me,
I know i kinda freaked u out, since last night,
and u know what?
I was just playing with ur emotions,
and it was:
YEAH!!1 Just for the sake of sun :P
I know, next time we meet, u r gonna kick my balls hard, and then rip me apart,
and i won't complain about it,
cos i know i got u into a real trouble,
yeah, am so sorry, i won't do that again,
well, i would do that again, it was fun :P
So fun se yad aya:
Yeah bloggers meetup. 
You just can't imagine how much fun we had,
yeah, seriously u can't,
cos for that u should become
and in 
Moonie's style, 
Yeah, (nod ur head twice, if u wanna be assum)
Did, u read the title of this post?
yeah, we r DOUGHNUT HEROES, why?
WELL, its a long story, 
but the conclusion is cos we r awesome, that is why we r heroes
there is only one difference between us and them, they rescue people AND we get people into danger. :D

our, League of doughnut heroes.
and why that doughnut comes in the middle,
It's cos we all had a doughnut before the party began, 
and Asif, jaldi se doughnut khao, 
its like our energy pack.
Man!!!!! assum, aren't we. :P
and u know what,
I was out of my home since, 7:00 am in the morning and got back at around 10:30 pm,
and it took me almost 2 hours to get back to home, because of :
  1. Traffic on the roads of kaachi
  2. and, i live outside the city, Gulshan-e-maymar.
and when i got home and asked my mom for the food, she was like:
U were out the whole day, and at 11 pm u return and then ask me for food!!!!!

and u know the worst thing, i wasted almost 1000 bucks in a day, 
and still mouses were playing football in my stomach, (hunger)
Hey, what bakwas (crap) is am taking about,
Hey, did i introduce u the members of my team,
so here is my team:
Furee kat 

Hamza bin laden 
Russian bear 
Asif Iqbal 
of course:
ME. :D

and do u know what song like fits our  meetup?
i know it is annoying, but i love it,
Wait wait wait,
Annoying se yad aya:
Public toilets,
and u know what?
today i went into a public toilet in a mall,
ad there it was written:
"yahan akey to sab ki nikal jati he":P
translation for gori chamri:
"even macho man ends up peeing here". 
i was like,
WTF, and i laughed real hard on that one,
people thought i was crazy,
i would accept that,
cos the odor there makes u CARAZY,
that is so yukkkyyyy,
and u know what i do, i hide my face till my nose in my shirt,
That makes me feel better,
and what is more,
on one public toilet in Sindbad (an amusement park) it was written:
"This way to the ministry of magic".

Lol, i get easily distracted, so i was takin about meetup,
Yeah it was great,
i am so happy that i really went there,
the best part,
we sat in a resturant for almost 45 minutes and yet we were too busy talking that we didn't order anything,
than not to leave an impact, that we were some perverts we had a drink/ice cream before we left,
And one more thing,
I was like posting a description of every one below the pictures, but 
as it is like impossible for us to store the whole oceans of world into tiny bucket it is impossible to describe these extraordinary people in few words, lines or sentences,
They like are in comparable, and indescribable 
ahh, that was so great meeting them,
Wait, wait wait. :P
Great se yad aya:
women driving.
The only reason why u should look in both ways while crossing a one way road. 

i don't know who the hell gave these women  permission to drive,
when women drive, it is a fact that u would:
Jao gay car mein, or aao gay akhbar mein,
go in a car and return in newspaper
and the fact is, 
all the women of the world drive car in the same way,
back stiffed, eyes on the bonnet rather than on the road,
moreover, rather than using their side mirrors and rear mirror, they turn 360 degrees while turning or parking,
and when something happens to car, they won't dare to call someone or even mechanic, they would lock the car, hire a taxi and return home,
like my mom once did,
that's how it ends,