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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Vague Vague Post.

Thomas Edison needed only one way to invent a bulb but to invent that single way he had to first invent a hundred ways through which he was unable to invent a bulb. But at the end of the day he was the first man to invent a  bulb.
U didn't get it???
neither did I.
The final conclusion:
If i won't have a pencil, i won't be able to write my notes, without notes i won't be able to prepare for exams
if i won't prepare i won't attempt the questions, if i won't attempt the questions i won't get marks, no marks no grades, no grades no admission in some extra ordinary university, no admission no degree, no degree no job, no job would result in frustration, frustration would result in my getting indulged in crimes, crimes!!!!!police would end me.
(reader's feeling for me)
Ahhh, i just don't know my self what i just typed, but its something that happens when u don't take your medicines.
Yeah, i just woke up late for sehri today so i was unable to take my medicines, so today u would be dealing with an:
i have got a degree in it.
So, today i have got a real MIXED ACHAAR, type post for you,
starting with:
Love. :/
she would eat it :P
So this love
means EVOL to Eminem,
inspiration to Miley Cyrus
Something naturally to Selena
and something that happens when u r fifteen to Taylor Swift.
to me it means:
Something EVOL that happens naturally when u r fifteen and there is no use of inspiration in it.
forgot to state this was what i thought love was, two days back, cuz two days ago
yeah, i fell in love with a green eyed, she is so beautiful, the way she kisses me, creases my face when i am sleep, the way she hugs me, and sits on my lap.
I so love her mustaches and the way she moves her tail and says:
 BUT, our relationship lasted for only two days, cos yesterday she ran with her boyfriend,
left me behind,
SO MEAN......
so i am SINGLE again, and lucky girls
OK, no clapping please, and please sit down, let the girls behind u too watch me. (wink)

hahahahhaha, what did i do??
so what inspired me to write about love, was the girl's reaction to it.
for example, the reaction at breakup
The common scene,
the Girl would sit beside a window, tissue box in one hand and the GOOD  BYE letter in other hand, face full of tears, whole mascara or whatever it is spreads with tears all over the face making it look like as if the girl cried black.
something like this
So why girls are always crying in the end?
But boys are not,
The point is 
cos guys are smart,
in a relationship they are always the one planning the move
They would start with sweet talks, girls would think as they got the world, later there would be dates, movies, more talks, more movies, more dates, then the bed scenes and then the breakup,
and till the end the girl thinks as if the guy is her prince the one she was waiting for since she was 9, and he won't dare to leave her,
but when he leaves, the girl is like a broken glass,
she thinks its the end for her,
lol that's what i call Pessimism is.
U decide ur fate at one breakup, lol the guy ends up having dozens of breakups but still he says:
Just imagine a guy (after breakup):
sitting next to window, sobbing and weeping like girls, a tissue box in one hand and a GOOD BYE letter in the other.
that would the:
XDiest sittuation (at least for me).
Or, just think how would you react if a guy says:
One day, my dream girl would come riding on a horse and would take me far far away.
lol, u would probably react something like:

OMG, IT'S 7, already, i had so much to  write but since time won't allow, read this.
Its kinda vague, and it might be hard to relate one thing with other,if u can
but if u r unable to do so, then,
WHAT THE HELL ARE U DOING ON BLOGGER, get ur self a good teacher.
and a big OMG, FOR A RAPID INCREASE in my followers, love u all.
and this would the:



the other side of me said...

OMG..so much in a post..until I don't noe which one to comment!!

Huh?? U date with cats...hmmm

I have seen guys weeping over a breakup..whatcha say???

Nowadays gals are getting brilliant too..:P:P

you're a funny guy :P:P

ateeq mughal said...

.cats are way better than girls, they don't complain, they don't argue and most of all they don't ask silly things :P
.the ratio of those guys with normal guys would be 1 out of 100:P
.girls and brilliant....:P:P:P:P:P:P
.thank you....

Viya ;) said...

God!! So many things in one post! :P :P too many things running around in ur head eh? :P
Your post jus drove me nuts!!
Oh come on! who said guys don;t weep in break ups?? Puuhlease! Guys are so sensitive inside even though they act full macho on the outside! :P ..
Hilarious post btw! :P It had me in splits even though it drove me nuts big time!! :P

ateeq mughal said...

:D, i so knew it that reader would go nuts,
guys don't.....but we do have some sensitive ones, :D

Anonymous said...

Hhahahahaaa SOOOOO TRUE. I know that's weird of a girl agreeing to it but luckily I'm not OF THE SORT. I'm the different and pretty waali girl :p I don't believe in relationships at aall except with them CATS. I married one but she turned out to be guess who? FEMALE. darnnnnnnn.
She had 4 kittens so I had to raise them up :P

normal.is.overrated. said...

This post made me LAUGH OUT LOUD. So many things in one post it was hard keeping up haha :-p I think one of the things I envy about guys is how un-emotional they can be (not every guy of course).

haha the cat part!! looool Good luck with that dude :p

Nostalgic said...

OMG. Your mind wanders around so many things at a time. Smart, eh? 0o

Oh, waitttttt, what did you say? Girls are pessimistic ?? Dude, i have seen girls who move on with their lives within a blink of an eye without even looking back or wasting a single drop of tear on morons, oh sorry, guys :p who never worth it!

And yes, i have seen guys whining and going all insane JUST for a girl. SERIOUSLY *pinky promise*

Thats really gay, though :p

Both genders have exceptions. Cry babies to smart asses. Both exist. So yeah :)

And relationships with cats are the best ones :D i have had sooo manyyyy!

Love your blog, boi :D
Take care..xoxo

P.S The mascara picture is gothhh!

ateeq mughal said...

now its hard for me to reply u all... :D
@daanieea: lol, cat was female...hahahahahahahah, there is a huge diffrence between the girls on blogger and girls on fb.
@normal is over rated and nostalgic:
the ratio of those guys and those girls would be something 1 out of 100 :D
thanx for liking the post :D

ateeq mughal said...

and i shouldn't be saying this but i've been in relationships 3 times and on the basis of those three experiences i have concluded this post
1st one ended fighting the girl, same day
2nd, the girl was lame the typical JEE saying girl
3rd the girl was good but in the end she too showed signs of being lame.
so my experiesnce says girls are lame,
except for the ones on blogger. cos they r the coolest and awesomest girls. :D
(am not flirting). :D

KN. said...

HAHAHAHAHAH. I GIVE YOU MY HEART.. BUT SHE WOULD EAT IT. I couldn't control laughing then. :P :D

And don't worry bahe, you'll get more cat lovers. There are plenty, in fact i have a cst-lova'h too.

And about the guy saying 'I still have to find the RIGHT GIRL'. Pata nai, who the hell is this RIGHT GIRL and how does she look like. Cause there actually is NO RIGHT GIRL. Its in their HEADS. :P

ateeq mughal said...

yeah, its in the heads only,:D
there is no right girl...:D

Mohammed Saqlain said...

Hilarious post :P Dont worry ur cat will come back man ! just give her milk
As far as boys crying after break up some do all dont ! about 20% boys who are serious with their gf will cry the rest of the 80% just time passs :P

Ezazi said...



I grinned through this post! Literally!


And you deserve MUCH more than 35 followers. And soon you'll have 'em too, with the ood pace you're going at. ^^

All my best. =)

ateeq mughal said...

dun know abt deserving thing, but to me these 35 r enough, cos if u guys are reading my stuff, its kinda my responsibility to read yours.
thnx for reading

TARIQ MIAN said...

Very very funny--U made me dive into an ocean of waves.
Like Thomas Edison, you had to pre-invent so much of vagueness just to find one pretty girl-----------tiring effort but still worth the try.

Kiran Ashraf said...

wow ths one was definitely Massive Mixed Achar!!!!
i think u were a lil too hard on the boys cuz the girls these days are way too smart, recently i have wtnessed guys crying cuz their babes (whom they think are their dream grls) left them.i guess both the genders are doing the same thing...dumping their partner when they are done :)

ateeq mughal said...

@tariq, wow u have got brains....:D
@kiran, hahaha, dumping thier partners....:D

cricketfreak said...

wait wait what?
but you're funny :P

ateeq mughal said...

it was like i used too much invent in that para so it was like confusing to grasp what i was saying,

Aasiyah said...

hilarious post man.
but i hope that we strive to be individuals who don't hurt others' hearts.
the heart is too precious to be treated harshly.
no one deserves to be broken.

Maham said...

OMG!I envy you..i mean 45 followers are so much man!
khair your hilarious blog deserves it ...:D

PurpleMist. said...

I think if the guy actually loved the girl he would be upset over the break up. But if he was just in the relationship for fun then you are right :P
But thankfully not all guys are that mean! :D

ateeq mughal said...

yeah i am not mean :P

a* said...

I want to see a guy cry for days over a breakup. I've heard of it but never really seen it. Yeah, I'm kinda mean like that. :P But seriously, if you don't care about someone as much as they care about you then why even get in a relationship? And guys say they never found the right girl 'cause they're idiots. Yes, I am a feminist. :P

ateeq mughal said...

activist too. :P

umna khan said...

ahhahahaha...man man man...! let me catch my breath as i'm still laughing... :DD
everything was so true from top to the 'the end'.

seriously, girls expect way too much particularly out of boys and when they don't get it...they end up having depression and boycott from social activities and even laughing...such fools...! :P

ateeq mughal said...

u r reading my old stuff toooo,
u r awesome..

umna khan said...

hahaaha...i got to read every post of yours...