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Friday, 26 August 2011

Undescribaly Dabang dude.

Here comes the bowler, he jumps, throws the ball, OMG its a yorker but ATEEQ comes forward, makes it a fool-toss, hits hard toward the square leg, its huge, will it be taken, NO man!!!1 its really high up in the air, the ball crosses the boundary, it passes the crowd, it ain't coming down, OMG, its out of the ground into the nearby flats, its HUGE six, NO its a HUGE 8, marvelous shot with ultimate perfection, that is why the score board maintainer gives him 8 for that.
Its Ateeq's first fifty, marvelous innings, and he moves from 46 to 54.
Astounding performance, though the start wasn't good enough till 12 posts balls but in the end, he ends up with 50
Ok no clapping please and no standing aviation,
OI, what happened to u guys?
U know how I feel, I feel like:
at LAST I did it.
AHH, so I have at last completed level one.
and u know this happiness led me to propose a girl (chek out the conversation that took place) :
ME, sweetheart would u love to see a broken heart or would u love me till my heart breaks
SHE: ASSHOLE. should i beat u with a broken sandal or should i beat u till my sandal breaks. :P
i was like:

and u know what, like 2 days before, i was stuck with 46 followers, and i was so angry and sad, that i thought that i won't blog again but after getting mentioned in the blogs of:

  1. Daaneiia 
  2. KN 
  3. Ezazi 
  4. Ridx 
( I know i have missed some names, that is not because i don't love u guys but because i don't remember ur blog urls' otherwise i have posted u up here, i am so sorry. )
Yup, so after getting mentioned in around 7 or 8 awesome blogs, i had a thought that i don't really need more followers, i have some really awesome people following me and i am so stupid that i decided to leave blogging,
Fuck me, man!!!
( no not really, joking, i don't wanna walk like am dancing) :P
but yesterday as i clicked on my blog link i was startled to see:
i refreshed the page three times and when for  the third time i csaw 54 followers, i went to the third floor of my house and 
Down came ateeq and washed incy wincy out, :P

but, i hate my cat soo much,
ahe rescued me, she like took me in her arms and then we had :
YESHHH, romance a song and then she threw me away :(
(this was the same cat i once dated).
so, i was saved finally i came back went to the fridge, took the bowl of custard out and dipped my head in it, then used Hershey's chocolate sauce over it, there wasn't enough custard layer to hold the wafers so my nostrils did the job of holding them and made a whole custard of my self but as i turned back i was greeted with a flying slipper that hit me directly on my nose and the wafers went in, :(
yah, it was my cruel sister who hit me with that wooden slipper,
and since then i am planning aboout how to kill her, please do tell me if u have any super awesome idea through which i can kill her and get out clean without C.I.D catching me and that  Daya making a curry of me.
yeah, so recently when i was sneaking at your blogs, there was one thing i noticed:
  1. Girls are talkin mainly these days about love marriage and happy the ends..
LOVE GURU is here and u people are searching for love without me..:P
I can't really explain what marriage is but i could do so indirectly through telling u the difference between love and arrange marriage.

When around 20 people from your family pushes u off  a cliff like this:
Its arrange marriage

and when u yourself jumps off a cliff like this:
Its love marriage.
Final conclusion marriage is like falling off a cliff,
so still u wanna marry, YESSS!!!!!! ok go for it, but i would say
fuck off to marriage
Not because i am afraid to jump off a cliff, i truly love thrill but because all the hot girls would get married to someone else and i would have to then marry a girl like this:
LOL, well the fact is, u r all same like this, but some know how to use cosmetics well :P
That is why the percentage of deaths in men is more than women
cos its hard for even the angel of death to recognize u without make up. :P
Until and unless i find a right girl for me, the tafrih one, i am gonna keep humiliating girls in evey way i can, and its a Pledge.
I pledge
Its been like hell too much for me,
all the girls i get to know personally are either the 'JEE' saying ones, the normal perverts or either if i do get one good girl she says: 'I am commited or i am in a relationship".
to hell all of you, there are like  3,301,112,087 this much women party living in this world and not a single for me.
Hate u allll.....
am i :/, I really don't care
Ok so end this cos i have got more girls following me and i don't want sandals appearing out of my laptop, so it would be a super awesome happy ending with lots of wishes to all my followers i love u all, u guys really mean a whole world to me.

arghhhhhh, i just forgot again:
The recent book i got my hands on.
yeah, so this time i have a great classic book for you all,if you want to read something simple and relaxing and good for your mind.
Just get this:
I really enjoyed this novel, i just loved how the author connected a single guy's life with so many people.
You would surely too enjoy it
Did u notice the title of this post, 
this is the title she  gave me, i just don't have enough words to thank her and if you aren't following her, that is really bad cos u r really missing something undescribably awesome,
and she even awarded me with this:
Thank you ARFA, i just heart ur blog toooooooo.

ALAS, it is officially:
and i will always love you people,