i luv u, u love me, we r a happy family. :D

hunt me on

wow, u do wanna talk to me, (for girls)
ah, u want to say something :(. (for boys)
hahahaha, lol, its not like that, i dont care what the gender is, no!!! i do care.
so, let em get this straight, there are two places where u can easily find me

  1. if u wanna send any suggestions, comments, or any thing u want me to add up on my blog or any formal thing u wanna say, i am available at: ateeq43095@yahoo.com
  2. if u wanna send kisses, hugs or if u want to be friends, add me up on Facebook, the direct link to my profile is: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000160091183
NOTE: please use above mentioned links in the respect i have explained, don't use yahoo for kisses and Facebook for scolds or suggestions.