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Monday, 1 August 2011

An Empty Catch

My all time favorite topic is:
Digestion :D
Cos it's definition is the most easiest.
here it is:
Digestion starts with the right hand and ends on left. ;)
Ok, its like 5:55 am, and here i am typing this stuff, i will have to make it a lil bit short, so i will just get to my point.
Well today i have got nothing funnier in my pockets but i have got something really serious to discuss.
Note: Many girls, yup mostly girls would kinda oppose it according to me but nothing personal cos it's something general and my personal opinion.
So, without wasting time:
Ok, it would be nothing new for the girls of karachi that whenever they are on the road walking or just hanging around, they would always see those boys who would be starring at them like mad dogs.
Yeah, its kinda really awkward, i hate that even.
I totally agree with the point that they are really shameless, pervert, lunatics, etc, etc.
But did it ever click ur mind that why is that so?
Any Ideas?
If you have some,
do add them in the comments.
So again lets get to the point back.
So, the problem is:
Girls don't want guys to respect them.
Let me make it clear it with an example
just think,
There is a girl wearing a a sleeveless baggy shirt and tight fit jeans, just be optimist for a minute, real one and think who wouldn't stare at her, that's kinda instinct, that's really odd stuff u r wearing man!, people here are not like aware with this kinda wearing, let me share an incident here:
I was crossing the road near my place and i saw this girl there shw was wearing the typical shalwar Qameez but the shirt was way too small with those large 'choks', the V-shape thing on the sides and the shalwar, barely called shalwar cos it was like my three quarters.
So when the road was clear and we started to cross it, there was a sudden blow of wind whch almost moved me a bit back, and when i saw the girl,
she was like kinda fighting with her own cloathes, her Qameez was like getting out of her body, and from back a u could almost see her back till neck, really awkward, i was like WTF, she is doing in the centre of road, man, is she insane.
Now that's the point, i should conclude now.
The girls of today, precisely think that they can wear anything and move freely.
No who said that to you?
 u r a beacon of respect at homes, so please if u don't care about your respect do care about your family's.
so its kinda end, but before leaving
I wish u all:
Chanda Mamu Mubarak :P
precisely, Ramadan Mubarak from deep core of my heart, 
May this month bestows its virtues over whole Muslim world.
We r really going off the track, we need guidance and your guidance is the best.
Please help us Allah, we need u.
That would be the end of today's post.