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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

From deep deep deep part of my heart. lol that would be cells.

How could i forget it, OMG, i do really need an intel brain which can have a memory card.
To my new followers:
  1. Faryal hassan
  2. The other side of me
  3. Faraz Ezazi
  4. Ezazi
You guys just don't know how happy i am, 
AM happier than i am on my birthday.
The curve on my face has been growing wider and wider since yesterday and now my jaws are hurting too much.
No need to say cheese..
I have been smiling too much that my lips are now oversize but still i don't care.
It is cuz i never dreamt i would be having ten+ followers, It's kinda dream come true.
Many many hugs to my followers, you people are really special for me.
and, I LOVE U, people more than i love my own reflection in mirror.
When i started with this blogging, 
telling the truth, It was a show off kinda thing, but then spasmodically i grasped the real auspicious meaning behind it.
Now there is not a day when i am not blogging. OMG.
When i started, there was only one guy following me.
Hamza, known usualy as HBL.
Well, i would say he is my mentor.
He is really the most expensive gift god has ever given me.
Till may 13, he was the only active follower i had, so i started following myself. :P
So, previously i said i used blogging just to show off, yup that is correct, may be that was the reason god never sent a follower to me, he was teaching me a lesson.'Thank you god'.
i started on i think 3rd march and slowly slowly, i started to quit blogging, and every time i used to do so, Hamza would tell me good stuff about it and then like bring a beacon of hope near me, that would force me to write.
I am glad i never gave up, and today i got a fruit for this.
Thank you, bro. I love you.
What's more.
yeah, so how i got obsessed with this thing?
This is also because of this guy HAMZA that i got a chance to visit bloggers meet up.
That day i said to my self, 
"DAMN, blogging is awesome".
Since that day i am really obsessed with blogging and won't stop it.
Lets sum it up, with final statement.