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Thursday, 18 August 2011

sarcastic me

OMG, now that's height of addiction to blogger,
am skipping my school!!!!!
just because i want to read what others are posting and then post something..
but am finding it good, just imagine i am enjoying 5 holidays in a row..
ok!!, no clapping please, (thank you)
so, before my heavy heavy pockets cause my pant to slide down, i should start with my meaningless stuff.
Recently i have been shopping,
Don't even think i like shopping, if there was any movement against shopping i would be leading it.
It was my mom who took me as a company.
i do have a reason to support the cause. :P
I just don't know why do girls love shopping,
do u love to waste time and money,
and i know half of the girls following me do a lot of shopping and
imagine, one of them was asked that if she would be able to change one thing apart from any guilt or politics what it would be, she said
"i will equalize all the currencies. It would make shopping easier".
GOD!!!! if had the power to change anything i would destroy all the shopping centers.
lol, than who would save me from some  3,349,852,٠٠٠
before it happens i am gonna close this topic.
Me and my mom wasted some 6 hours there, and in those 6 hours and in those 6 hours i discovered some really hilarious stuff about shopping
1. Bargaining. 
yup, that was the thing all over the mall,
and if i add a dialogue version it would be like
Women to shopkeeper:
"how much this costs?"
"2000!!!! i will give 1000"
"what would i get then, it would be my loss"
ok 1200 final,
"no, 1800"
"i am not giving that much, 1200 and its final".
half an hour later,
"i am not giving more than 1300"
"baji "(sis) na aap ki na meri (neither yours nor mine)
1400 and take it"
"why not mine, take 1300 and be happy"
shopkeeper at last shows the wight flag, and says:
"OK 1300"
i am not buying it now, i will come later and pick it up, just keep it for me".
f*** off, before i chop ur llllllllllllegs :P
The second thing towards which i paid attention were these posters hanging on almost all shops,
few of them said:
  1. udhar 1 jang he is lie band he (credit is like a war and i am peace love) 
  2. Kashmir ki azadi tak udhar band he (you are never getting credit from here)
  3. udhar mang kar sharminda na karein ( f*** off)
and, there were many more like these hanging on the main door, everyone is familiar that women take shopping as addiction and even after emptying their purse they won't hesitate to ask for credit.
when i returned home i was lookin something like this:

What's more that i have in my pockets.
except for the rocket, (firecracker) :P
yeah...just in time,

These three epic pals were given to me by
super-awesome-lovely-best-sweetest-wonderful girl Daaneiia 
it's the least i could say.
OMG, time runs like flash while i am using internet, its 10:00 am, (this time check is brought to u by ateeq mughal)
some song*
and i am back.
I don't know how but when i am starting to write some post my brain is like giving me so many ideas but as i start to write all of a sudden all the ideas vanish and am feeling like, OMG this is really a bad post, no one would like it and that all, dun know why, but it's kinda phobia i am into these days, hope i recover soon. :/
and i have got two announcements for u
  1. I think, not think i am quite aware of the fact that sometimes the content of my blog is offensive and sometimes its not comfortable for other gender to read what am writing, if u r having any problems with like these do let me know.
  2. I am aware that my blog is the most meaningless blog in this whole blogger community so to make it a little meaningful i was thinking cos i watcha lot of movies and read a lot of books) am gonna give a short review about either a book or a movie. 
do let me know, what u think about my idea.
and now before i fell over my laptop i should end this, cos i have slept for only 3 hours since yesterday, so i am gonna take some sleep.
now this would be the:
hope u enjoyed reading.