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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

:P :P :P :P

Do u know which statement is considered to be the World's best statement?
. . . . 
. . . 
. . 
. . 
. . . 
. . . .
Sab choro bomb phoro:P

Or like this:
For those who r goras or angrez ka bacha, or simply those who can't understand that statement,
Is that my fault?
 is that?!!!
no tell me!!!
is that my fault?

I can surely do nothing,
Except for translating it,
so the translation is:

MAN!!! Google doesn't have all the Urdu alphabets, so u can't have the perfect translation, so the most like close meaning statement would be:
Leave everything, do nothing
ain't i a smart ass. :P

So, why this statement is the best,
cos with this statement U CAN GET AWAY WITH ANYTHING.
from, Pakistan and India relations to student and teacher's  conversation . . . . . .
wait, wait, wait and wait.
No its not red light, OOOOPPSSS, SORRRYY
we stop on red light, we wait on amber light,
well, u won't understand it without an example,
would you?
Yeah, i know u aren't a smart ass like me,
 for e.g,
many people are debating over
what can be done to strengthen relationship of indians and pakistanis,
but no one like explains the best way,
a dude like me comes and says:
Sab chorro bomb phoro.
(for angrez ki bachi)
leave everything do nothing. :P
hahahahahahahahhahaha, bwahahahahahahha,
indeed i am a crazy, smart ass,
I think now u would have embodied this statement in your mind,
so no further explanation needed thus we close this chapter.

Well, well.
u know what i typed this statement in 3 different parts, currently while typing this statement, i am on part two, of course u r not stupid, or are you?
No its part means i was quite busy, well actually
i wasn't busy at all.
Yeah, i am at home since 2:30 pm and am like, F.A.L.T.U since then,
am i your servant that i would translate every word for you, Google it.
Google It se Yad aya, 
have you ever heard someone saying, YAHOO it, or BING it, well i haven't at least,
lol isn't that quite a point to be noted thing,
an Optimist always says, that is the enlightened  path at the end of this blank cave, that is why u r able to see light in here,
but imagine a pessimist's reply,
Dude it ain't any F***in path, its a train. :P
tell me something i am not aware off, or would it be of, tell me people.
OMG, OMG, God please forgive the reader, he is a big sinner
and me, lol, its not that i am not a sinner, but even Satan feels coy when he is around me.

God forgive me toooooooo, i was joking, this reader is the one who makes me type all this stuff, so please, show no mercy towards the reader and throw him/her in the most:

please, i won't need a competitive sinner in hell with me.
same expression, just imagine a ganja kabutar (bald pigeon here) 
Hell se yad aya
The barber who raped my hairs, u know how much i hate him:

 below are few pictures of how i  am lookin like currently:

Ok, stop staring at me, 
I know how handsome and dashing i am
yes, i am single,
OMG you too,
no no how can i be in a relationship with you,
Oh man u aren't just letting me write, 
Ok, OK,
read where u can find me from HERE and just send me your love card,
The first one gets me. :P
Hey, don't send ur sandals through the mail
OMG, OMG, man!!! i started writing this at 2:34pm and its 12:07 currently,
no i wasn't here all the time, as stated before i wrote this in three different parts,
and this is the third and last part,
man, u know how much EIDI i collected today :4000, in a single day,
awesome isn't it, but that's the gross amount,
the net amount, that i have in my pocket is, R.S2460, 
i have so much to write but i know people don't read long posts, so i should end this,
Ok, so here i jump high up in the air, cos  60 completed atlast,
no clapping please, and no standing aviation,
please be seated let other have a glance at this beauty too,
and for my followers, 
an advice,
u should take my autograph asap cos i don't want to see u people in huge line, in future, 
yeah, i know that was too much.
and with this wonder ful staement i end my awkward and lame post,
hope it at least made you smile,
If not,
u should be human for that :P
and the statement:
"People like you are the reason people like me take pills!"
hahahhahahah, hihihihhhahahahihihihahahha
am not crazy,
but craziest
and its:


Aida said...

GEEZ!wat was that? funny though

Kiran Ashraf said...

Eid Mubarak :)

hey who said ppl dont read long post!!!! I do n i wld surely love to read any of your long posts anytime :)

this "very close to looking like bald" hair-style suits u

a frnd of mine (a die-hard goggle hater) does say BING IT!!!

TARIQ MIAN said...

F16 pilot or Airshow pilot is so used to sudden turns/directions going up and down, sideways, circling around and they are mentally alert during the ordeal.
I usually go through your whole post and feel as if I am pretending to be one of those pilots too.
OMG------what a fun read!

Imad Khalid said...

Hahaha aaalaa translation of "Sab choro bomb phoro " :p

Man on totally random things you write so much and so well :)

It was a good time reading it :D

Well Done !

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

Sab choro bomb phoro! YOUR HAIR!

You look so Drake-ishly cool =O

4 Grand! WOW! I got 5.

*Smug Looks*

Mujhe Eidi chaiye tu m sey. You have 61 followers now.=D

Eid Mubarak.

Zeba said...

I am always surprised at myself when I reach the end of your posts. I really am. The fact that I reached the end amazes me. Haha. I don't know what it is in your writing (craziness maybe) that makes it for a compelling read. I always want to know what you are going to throw at me next.

Looking dashing by the way. Eid Mubarak. Lucky boy. Too much eidi. I won't tell you how much I got. Don't want people to be jealous. Haha.

16? Bah, such a baccha you are.

ME said...

I got 1. That too only from dad. I couldn't get any from other relatives because they weren't celebrating eid as someone in the past year had died in almost each family. GOD. I got loads of chocolates from a relative. But no eidi. =(


syed said...

Awesome hairs dude..!!!i thought ur haircut would be horrible..!!!akon!!!

the other side of me said...

LOL..u seriously look handsome and dashing :P:P:P

Eid mubarak:):)

Areesha Bilal said...

You actually look very handsome =P Yes, I just flirted with you. SUE ME =P
Dude, MAKE LONGER POST! I love reading your blog. I always crack up while reading them =D

MAHNOOR said...

LOL LOL LOL. ure hillariously lame :P haha

4 grand, i just got 1 =( lucky you

Qasid said...

Dont worry be happy ur hair will grow back in 1 and a half month like mubashir

KN. said...

BLOGGING CHORO TUM BOMB PHORO ATEEQ! Hahahaah. That was awesome. :P

And My God, he really badly raped your hair. What was he thinking? You look like Van Diesel. Don't know him? GOOGLE IT. :P

umna khan said...

ahahhaha..ohh God you mr.barrel of laughs...your ears look like those of a monkey on your alomst bald head...heheh..never mind.. :P :P
and that 'smart ass' pic...hahahahahahha :P
btw i'm also in 'sab choro bum pohoro' mood..so i'm just putting a check on that funny reaction slot..
keep blogging...stay blessed =)

Hazel said...

If you take the time to write a post, I'm gonna take the time to read it. Regardless of its length :)

Muhammad Usman Chaudhry said...

lolx :D. Your posts are always full of humor. I liked the part with angrez ki bachi :D and nice pics by the way, your haircut is exactly the way I did few years back, for reference check my post of Chaand Raat and Old Memories :P.

Cool part is you're still in eidi collection end, for last two years or so I'm on the other end.

By the way you've earned an award or eidi, for being regular reader at my blog. i.e. A TLD, er-- skip the geeky stuff, tell me if you ever plan to get a .com or .net domain what will you prefer and with what name amdoingwell.com or yourname.com etc.

Sadiya Merchant said...

wait at amber? kya? r u sure?? person who told u dat mus hav bn like sohooo uber cool n uber awesome! hai na, hai naa? :P

do write a long post by all means bt only if n wen u decide to mk ur blog write up space WIDER!!!
its like barely 10 wrds in one line so wen i scroll down i think- haila! itna likha diya?
jabki its not very much even now.

ok boss itna bhaashan aaj ke liye kaafi hai?
ya i shud think so.

oh n ur pic.
hehe u luk likeeeee hercule poirot.
ekdam same to same- detectiv- shetectiv. oho ohooo!
*he too had an egg shaped head :P*

tataaa! happy splurgin :)

TARIQ MIAN said...

Sadiya Merchant is right-----please widen your text portion by an inch or so. That'll really help to grasp your trickily humourous post.

Jodie-AnnDuhBawwss. said...

Agreed ^^

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

Humpty Dumpty, I second Sadiya Merchant.

You should widen your blog's text portion.

Tik Tock!

PS: A wise advice, avoid sitting on walls with this hair cut.

Qasid said...

People this is a paid advertisement by the Big bad blog of the glorious notorious Qasidonious.
Visit the blog and enjoy yourself

Ridx :) said...

Same here about the Eidi! :D I am so super RICH!!! :DDDD

ateeq mughal said...


Arsalan said...

Funky AND Chunky As Always xP

Hazel said...

I gave you an award :)

Mehr Ahmed said...

Hahaha. Your posts remind me of myself! =P. I'm super rich myself thanks to the Eidi. ;)

Nostalgic said...

Bahahaha. Kahan kahan sey laatay ho bhaaai?

Lamocity ki inteha ho tum :p i love your posts seriously. Youre hilariously lame yet funny yet cute. And now, you look like an anda :D hahaha. Kudos to the guy who chopped your hair!

Eid Mubarak, Ateeq.
Meri eidi kahan hai?

ateeq mughal said...

aapki eidi 0_o?
according to my mom, elders are the one who give eidi :P
thank you for those compliments, especially the anda one :P

Rosette Princess said...

hahahahha another sense-less yet funny and awsome like always! :D
Man i love to read ur posts...always makes me laugh lol

btw Eid Mubarak!!

Daniyal Arain said...

That Smartass looks smart with that hat and big eyes O_O

And I've actually heard of Bing and duck duck go and Aardvark and some other search engines which I never use - GOOGLE IS WIN WIN.

äмän ♥ said...

Hahahha you're so hilarious bro :P Your posts always makes me laugh. kaha kaha se bat nikal laty ho. :D
And your Tind :D :P
Well bro stay the same. WAit wait tind style ki bat nahi kar rahi .. :P I Mean stay funny :P

Muhammad Usman Chaudhry said...

amdoingwell.com has already been taken available :P any other suggestions.

ateeq mughal said...

beaman.com :P

Aasiyah said...

baldy. :D

comment above: beaman.com

i can imagine russell peters saying that in chinese accent. XD