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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

This was brief

Hey people,
hope you are good,
well, i won't lie but since two days my pockets were out of ideas, yeah, i was like, BELLA, blank.
yah, like an empty room
But, as according to Mr.Sidney Sheldon,
Nothing lasts forever,
The emptiness too, died today when a beam of ideas stalked my pockets.
Later i was confused about how to plot those ideas here.
without further boring u up,
wait, wait, wait and wait,
no its not red light, nor i want any lift, i just have one question to ask:
YEAH, a scene like
You have!!!!
really and u loved it :D

then u know what, u r one hell boring person, and lifeless too.
yuk, u wasted ur half an hour just to see the sun rise, better see my picture daily, lol that would be solar eclipse, but still, yesterday my stupid sister like went to the roof and stood there motionless for 20 minutes seeing that fire ball rise, i was like:
WTF are you doing, gone mad?
That is something dead should admire, we have some more important work to do, yeah that is sleeping. :P
have u heard this quote:
"Do not pity the dead, Harry. Pity the living, and, above all, those who live without love."
yeah, by so famous J.K Rowling.
How stupid, isn't it,
MAN!!!! have u seen people in love, i would rather sit next to a dead man rather than sitting beside a love-maniac. 
At least dead would finally slap me and tell me to shut the hell up but the lover would hear my Cinderella story for ages and at the end would ask, WAS CINDERELLA FEMALE OR MALE?
F*** u for that.
Before my NAM KA ROZA (so called fasting) gets ruined and then hell becomes my residence, i should get to the post.
no i don't have any questions but an announcement.
This post of mine is dedicated to:
MY 50th follower.
Well, i love all my followers equally but as she was the 50th one, the one follower i waited most desperately for, so here is this small:
THANK YOU, from deep deep part of my heart
(lol, that would be cells, come a bit above, yeah that's good now, u r in the core).
and if you aren't following her, check her blog out and follow this awesome blogger.
and i want to like tell you about three awesome new bloggers u need to follow,
so here they are:
  1. UMNA KHAN , Rather than you waste time here reading what i know about her, click her name and check out her deepest-awesome blog, if i compare her to any known blogger, i have got 2, AAISHA and Flood Gates Of Feeling. This girl is good with rhymes, good with words, good with her creative lines, good with emotions, that she adds in her poems, to sum it up, she is an awesome writer, just visit her blog and don't hesitate to click on the follow button.
  2. MAHNOOR I know, people are mostly attracted to blogs based on randomness these days, cos it gives a bit of smile on the reader's face and things can be related  easily, so if you want to add, nopt if, u do want to add a random yet epicaly kewl blog to your reading list, just don't think, follow her. U still here, click her name and go. or read this post first and then u can visit her. :P
  3. LOVE This blog is good for those who read stuff on daily basis, ya she posts daily (mashallah), and her posts are a class apart with sweet sweet topics and sweet sweet text, which would surely make u daily pay a visit to her blog, go and be her follower.
Ok, now i can start with my post,
Today's post is based on:
Yeah, again, 
cos recently i went to shopping again and there i saw this:
Ok, ya i know how beautiful it is, but
man, my sister wasted R.S3,360 for this thing, and when she was buying it, i burst out in my loudest voice, saying:
"Are u insane? get me a cloth of your choice and i will make u one for free".
When i said that the sales woman of the shop gave me those looks, which clearly meant:
"Better keep ur mouth shut, asshole, u don't know the beauty of this dress".
instead of giving her looks of, "BEAUTY, MY ASS", i gave he looks of:
"Your place or mine".
and she gave me the look:
"Lets do it here,"
i was like:
In the end, my stupid sister bought the dress, and i was shocked and the sales woman rocked.
i was crazy the whole time after that, 
i mean what was beautiful that made my sister so tempting for her,
just a piece of cloth stitched in the middle, who the hell can't make one like that.
So the final most conclusion:
now that's EPIC.
Stupid se yad aya:
Note: This pathan based stuff is just included with an aim for adding some humor in this post, nothing personal, and if you are a pathan,:
and, for indians, you can compare pathans to your sikhs
and the people from west, u can simply think of blondes.
Blondes, aren't they chic, (females), 
yeah indeed they are more beautiful then brunets, 
urghh, hate distractions, so 
When we did all the shopping, we went to the place where we had parked our car, the car was in its place but behind us, a Pathan had parked his,
Just imagine height of his stupidity, that it was clearly mentioned,
over there, yet still he parked his and moreover behind ours.
Good thing, he was in his car, Bad thing he shouldn't have been there,
cos when i went to that ass hole, 
Ok read the active conversation:
Me: Uncle, can u please reverse your car, we r leaving u can park it at our place
Asshair: What?
Me: repeated what i just said
Asshair: Just wait for five minutes, my wife is coming and we would leave
Me: i am not saying u to go, just reverse a little bit, as soon as we leave u can park yours at our place,
Asshair: just wait for five minutes
Me: why should i wait when u r here, i am not asking u to leave, just reverse
Asshair: and i am saying u to stay
By then my mother was there too, and two guys (the guys responsible for parking) were there too and all of us were telling him the same thing, but for some reason that hair of ass wasn't getting it
In the end i was like hell furious and i kicked his door, he came out, we had a fight not the real one, just verbal and as those guys were backing us, his wife came,
and what happened, 
She took the keys from her husband, they both sat in the car, and minute later the lady drove the car away,
and again:
Ateeq was shocked and pathan rocked.
YEAH, I was expression less.
and do u know:
ONCE a pathan wanted to smoke, he searched for mtches but he didn't find so what he did was, he blew the candle and went to sleep. :P
lol, you too
OMG, that's 6:30 p.m, gotta rush upstairs for iftar, and one more thing
My barber raped my hairs once more, he made me Akon. :(
i will post about it later,
and to all muslims around the globe:
This was a really short post, but still hope u enjoyed it,
and if not,
WTF, u think i am an entertainer entertaining u without getting paid :P
enjoy the eid people and do remember me in your prayers. :D
Oh my god, how could i end this without saying hello to my new followers,'
hey peoples.


cricketfreak said...

You will eventually fall in love, and then you will transform into one of those people you so hate :P

Asma Khan said...

Nice one... :)
Visit my blog--> Stay Blessed

Furby esvee said...

i love your blog. SO entertaining! :D

Sadiya Merchant said...

arey u mad fallowww- red light is for stop n amber light is fr wait!

even ive nevr seen d sunrise xcept wen i used to go fr accounts classes reallyyyy early in d mornin n dat was one of d wrst xperiences of my lyf so u cn imagine hw i feel abt it.
tho i hav cn d sunset n dattt i do lyk :o
*mummeee i jus risked callin myself boring!* :((

i love aman's blog tooo! <3

dress- num nummm its too pricey sach main. bt den again, its Eid so dats d tym to splurge. hehe.

hav a blast!

ateeq mughal said...

eid mubarak to you too,
hahahah, sorry for the mistake, :P
thank you furbee
and cricket freak, i know one day i will fell in love but i'll be ateeq at that moment even
@asma, stay blessed :P

Hazel said...

Blondes are not more beautiful than brunettes! >_<

Haha and I agree with Cricketfreak, some day you will turn into a love obsessed zombie and then I will... laugh lol!

ateeq mughal said...

generally the are b ut if you r bringing girls like Selena and Camilla belle into the argument i will lay down my words, cos they are real beauties :D

MAHNOOR said...

o.m.g i have been named here =D u have no clue how happy i am =D thanks a bunchh :D

and well, what abt the 27 year old girl? :P ahem ahemmm.

and yep i loved watching the sunset, and to tell you, im one heck of a love maniac =D

ummm the dress, well it was a little too expensive, but if your sisters happy with it, then it must be worth it =D

eid mubarak to you toooo =D

ateeq mughal said...

27 year old thing,,,,that is true, i never disclosed it like that before but your post made me write it..

MAHNOOR said...

awww, well trust me, ure 16 and life is like gonna give u so many oppurtunities. so, wait till u get someone somehow closer to your age. i am sure ure gonna get someone just as kewl as u, your ownself :D

umna khan said...

first of all...a big big big thanks of course for liking my blog and sharing it with others, it's an honor for me...so THANK YOU.. :D

secondly, i'm among those 'boring' persons who admire sunrise and sunsets like hell...! and i often go to the roof just to see the sunset and surrounding beauty... :P soon gonna blog about it...

liked your blog...keep blogging...stay blessed.. :D

ateeq mughal said...

stay blessed, i so like that word..
thank you for liking my blog

Viya ;) said...

Eid Mubarak!! :D :D
I hope you have a great feast!!! :D

Maham said...

Do you even know the significance of pathan (although I know you meant nothing serious there:P)but they sacrificed alot for Pakistan ..:)

P.S eiddd mubaraak!

Furree Katt said...

hey girls are not stupid -_- i own a poncho too and i think it's pretty!
that pathan joke was hilarious :P
your blog is really funny though, i can't believe i didn't follow you before.
eid mubarakkk! :)

Kiran Ashraf said...

i respect ppl in love but yea just cant sit there all day to listen bout their lovelife!!!! girls specifically love to share what their bf,fiance said,did,bought etc WTH!!! somebody plz duct tape their mouth.

Qasid said...

Come over to my blog

Areesha Bilal said...

I love your blog xD Always so hilarious. Pathan jokes are always epic, but I usually change 'pathan' to 'sardar' so that my Pathan friends don't beat me up =P
OMG, 3000 ruppees for a PONCHO? O_O

Ovais said...


Girls are not THAT bad.
Suppose that you saw a gadget or a toy that was for 5000 rupees and you wanted it. :P

ateeq mughal said...

@ovais, can u create a gadget at home, NO!!!!!
@Areesha, thank you so much, and yup, ain't that stupid,
@qasid, on my way but the last time i went to your blog it was post less
@kiran, that taping idea, awesome, i am gonna keep a tape in my pocket now
@furee, u wanna see the carribian king, :P
blogger meet-up, OMG, i am gonna be there with my rapped face :(
@maham, frankly, they control whole karachi's economy. :D

äмän ♥ said...

OMGeeeeeeeeeee =D
hehe aww Thankyou soo very much Bro =D I'm aLL eEeEEeEEEEEeeee atm =D
You made my day, like seriously. =)
And hamesha ki trha awesome Post. <3 =)
P.s Eid Mubarak Bro. Hope you having fun :D

ateeq mughal said...

thank you for liking the post,
and i owned u this,
and yup i am having a lot of fun,
kheir mubarak

Qasid said...

@ateeq sorry I forget to mention that The people who like your blog come to mine I already know you have visited my blog

the other side of me said...

LOL at the pathan joke..and u looking like aKON ..i so wanted to see that:)

hehehe..anyway eid mubarak

ateeq mughal said...

kheir mubarak

Jodie-AnnDuhBawwss. said...

Followed. :)

ateeq mughal said...

Thank you :D

Imad Khalid said...

MANNN you write so well and the way you write doesnt let a reader to stop anywhere :p till the post ends :p..

Hahaha btw you perfeclty highlighted all the nonsense :p

Keep it up.

Imad Khalid said...

Eid Mubarak :)

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

Eid Mubarak :)

jesayka said...

i actually enjoyed this post! And the one about google and 'stupid girls' was hilarious.

ateeq mughal said...

haha, thank you. :D