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Sunday, 18 September 2011


Before Hamza bin laden, breaks into my house and kills me,
I know i kinda freaked u out, since last night,
and u know what?
I was just playing with ur emotions,
and it was:
YEAH!!1 Just for the sake of sun :P
I know, next time we meet, u r gonna kick my balls hard, and then rip me apart,
and i won't complain about it,
cos i know i got u into a real trouble,
yeah, am so sorry, i won't do that again,
well, i would do that again, it was fun :P
So fun se yad aya:
Yeah bloggers meetup. 
You just can't imagine how much fun we had,
yeah, seriously u can't,
cos for that u should become
and in 
Moonie's style, 
Yeah, (nod ur head twice, if u wanna be assum)
Did, u read the title of this post?
yeah, we r DOUGHNUT HEROES, why?
WELL, its a long story, 
but the conclusion is cos we r awesome, that is why we r heroes
there is only one difference between us and them, they rescue people AND we get people into danger. :D

our, League of doughnut heroes.
and why that doughnut comes in the middle,
It's cos we all had a doughnut before the party began, 
and Asif, jaldi se doughnut khao, 
its like our energy pack.
Man!!!!! assum, aren't we. :P
and u know what,
I was out of my home since, 7:00 am in the morning and got back at around 10:30 pm,
and it took me almost 2 hours to get back to home, because of :
  1. Traffic on the roads of kaachi
  2. and, i live outside the city, Gulshan-e-maymar.
and when i got home and asked my mom for the food, she was like:
U were out the whole day, and at 11 pm u return and then ask me for food!!!!!

and u know the worst thing, i wasted almost 1000 bucks in a day, 
and still mouses were playing football in my stomach, (hunger)
Hey, what bakwas (crap) is am taking about,
Hey, did i introduce u the members of my team,
so here is my team:
Furee kat 

Hamza bin laden 
Russian bear 
Asif Iqbal 
of course:
ME. :D

and do u know what song like fits our  meetup?
i know it is annoying, but i love it,
Wait wait wait,
Annoying se yad aya:
Public toilets,
and u know what?
today i went into a public toilet in a mall,
ad there it was written:
"yahan akey to sab ki nikal jati he":P
translation for gori chamri:
"even macho man ends up peeing here". 
i was like,
WTF, and i laughed real hard on that one,
people thought i was crazy,
i would accept that,
cos the odor there makes u CARAZY,
that is so yukkkyyyy,
and u know what i do, i hide my face till my nose in my shirt,
That makes me feel better,
and what is more,
on one public toilet in Sindbad (an amusement park) it was written:
"This way to the ministry of magic".

Lol, i get easily distracted, so i was takin about meetup,
Yeah it was great,
i am so happy that i really went there,
the best part,
we sat in a resturant for almost 45 minutes and yet we were too busy talking that we didn't order anything,
than not to leave an impact, that we were some perverts we had a drink/ice cream before we left,
And one more thing,
I was like posting a description of every one below the pictures, but 
as it is like impossible for us to store the whole oceans of world into tiny bucket it is impossible to describe these extraordinary people in few words, lines or sentences,
They like are in comparable, and indescribable 
ahh, that was so great meeting them,
Wait, wait wait. :P
Great se yad aya:
women driving.
The only reason why u should look in both ways while crossing a one way road. 

i don't know who the hell gave these women  permission to drive,
when women drive, it is a fact that u would:
Jao gay car mein, or aao gay akhbar mein,
go in a car and return in newspaper
and the fact is, 
all the women of the world drive car in the same way,
back stiffed, eyes on the bonnet rather than on the road,
moreover, rather than using their side mirrors and rear mirror, they turn 360 degrees while turning or parking,
and when something happens to car, they won't dare to call someone or even mechanic, they would lock the car, hire a taxi and return home,
like my mom once did,
that's how it ends,
I have got a news to share,
and that is a BAD news,
the news is,
"For around three weeks i am going on my away mode, yup i am not gonna blog, the worst thing i am not gonna read ur posts, cos i have to study hard, currently my blogging career is on stake, 
my family thinks blogging is a waste of time." 
and that is why i have to study real hard, to prove them all wrong,
pray for me,
and one more thing, 
like few weeks back i read it somewhere, i don't remember where, that people adapt fake personalities  just to impress others,
well i agree to an extent but people like me also adapt fake personalities,
for example, 
through my blog, it appears that i have got an awesome life, a life filled with jokes and all the stuff that brings a smile to my face,
but that is not the case, 
at home i am probably with the gloomiest life,
i am so happy that u people read what i write cos at home no one listens to my jokes,
and i get a long long lecture from my mother to get serious,
well i don't want to get serious,
and i don't give a damn what others get from my life, this is my life and i am the one responsible for it,
that is all i want from my family, leave me and let me live,
and i feel really bad cos probably this might be the last post (of this month) by ateeq mughal, but it's not the funniest one,
i had an amazing time through out these three months, 
and i thank u all, 
for following my blog, never though that i would make it till HERE,
lol, i can here mom coming upstairs, so before she knocks me and my laptop,
i should end this,
thank you people for wasting ur time here,
finally, this is the:


MAHNOOR said...

imma miss you! go make us proud. u ROCK!

the post on the whle was fun. nd now i know, i missed blogger meet up :S daaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnnn

Ovais said...


You are funny.

I'm not in your team, hmm?

Unfollows. :P

ateeq mughal said...

arey nai aap toh bura man gaye,

aap toh part of family :D
and ur comment here, made me so surprised, that i had to switch my laptop on and check it out. :p
@mahnoor, thanks sis, i will miss ya too

normal.is.overrated. said...

I'm not gonna comment on the women driving :P And you guys are lucky to live near each other so you can have blogger meeting. that sounds wicked :P LOL @ "This way to the ministry of magic" :P

Good luck with studying gonna miss your random post :)

Ezazi said...


And that first pic is, like, the height of epicness. Really.

Andandand not all women are bad drivers. :p

Maryam A. said...

I wish I was in the team too! :(

Hazel said...

I'm sorry you're not gonna be blogging for a while, I'll miss your comments!

PurpleMist. said...

Wooowww...the pics are awesome!

I agree with Ezazi, not all women are bad drivers :P

Also, I will miss you but I completely understand that you need to study, good luck!

Sadiya Merchant said...

jaaoge car main, aur aaoge akhbaar main was quite a tag line :D

i wonder y parents dont approve of our blogs. my parents dont eider so i lied n told i don blog anymore.
uhh a yr baq

gud luck wid exams! :)

Aasiyah said...

you will be missed yaar.
study hard and blog harder, later. XD

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

You can't lie to me.

You'll have to freeze the hell to fool me =p


Yesshh! We are the "Team AWESOME".
The coolest bloggers ever! =D

suvaiba said...

hey ateeq-
thankyou for that wonderful comment on my blog..!
and your post baap re baap awsum ae bilkul aap ki team awsum ki tarah..!
and the pics add on the crazyness ..! :)
and its a post to be read more than once..! :)

Areesha Bilal said...

Public bathrooms stink WAY too much >.<

*sigh* I wish I was in Karachi right now T_T

Come back soon!! I miss reading your posts! =<

KN. said...

You all met and had crazy wala fun while we, the Lahori bloggers locked ourselves in our houses for we dread the ting mosquitoes?


Okay. Done with the fury. :P
I am still the part of that team no? I SHOULD BE. BUSSS!

And I know i don't get serious too but apparently i talk aoud so everybody listens to me and i am so NOT the gloomiest person. You are? :0

Study hard! I will be on break too soon. :/


Daniyal Arain said...

My Parents don't even know that I blog -in fact they don't even think that I know what a "blog" is :D

I'm awesome like that ;)

And You guys look cool :) - Awesome.
oh and yesterday was Wednesday - Today it is Friday. I've forgotten the days of the week. La la la :P

cricketfreak said...

Awwww well my family thinks that too.
Butcha know, you gotta do what you gotta do.
Come back with lots of things to share with us!

Aaishah said...

But.. but... I will miss your posts. :'(

Good luck for your exams though! :D

Tariq Mian said...

ateeq! I went through all lines of your post because your jokes are worth reading for good laughter (lung health).
As you made my day, keep amusing your audience.
I wish I were in karachi to arrange for a stage show for you to perform as a national comedian.

the other side of me said...

woww...I m so jealous of the meet-up :P:P

and pls dont talk bad about women drivers ..sob sob :'(

LOL @ the newspaper joke :P

take care

Love said...

though i came to give u a beating juts now, right now i am sniffing back my tears hearing ur sad life story ...:(

dun worry... one day they will stop worrying abt u and enjoy u with all ur awesomenesss..

hum hongay kamyaab ik din...

so loads of luck for ur stupid exams... yes thats wat they are... and i bet i will be the worst mom... with spoiled children cuz all ill do with them is play... we will party we will play we will laugh till we lie flat on the grounds... thats the plan...

but once u r done with ur stupid papers...i need to give u the beating for not telling me abt it and having all the awesomeness alone...

But except for meeting u guys ... i dont think i missed a lot...

so i am really happy!

Good luck for ur papers!


Lemons Don't Make Lemonade said...

There was a picture of you guys on Hamza's blog, sooo. That's why I'm here.

Did you know you're cute?

^I just cyber-flirted. Yay.

CATGIRL !! said...

hey,..dats a wonderfulll post. iw ud liek to meet u all. n i PRACTICALLy can..
also temme r u guys sumwhere near being BURGERS?? cuz then i wont gel-well..m a typical karachiite-- no mood, no accent..just GOOD OL' ATTITUDE YEAH..!!
next time add CATGIRL in ur superheroes picture!

Daanish said...

funny,love it.

Rosette Princess said...

hahaha awwww best of luck dude! :P

Imad Khalid said...

haha aaalaa "Yahan tou sbki nikal jati ha :P "

Btw it must be an awesome experience to meet that way :D I wish i could have been in Karachi..

Areesha Bilal said...

Since you probably won't bother to read all the new posts, you got an award http://shygurl94-memyselfandi.blogspot.com/2011/09/award-scene-d.html

♫♪♥PhilO♥♪♫ said...

Just came across your blog through Hamza's blog :)
You're funny :D And your blog too is :)
You guys are so lucky that you could all meet up! *sighs* I want to go for a bloggers meet up too :(

I loved the peeing part :P It was hilarious! :D

All women don't drive bad X( At least we don't zoom away like guys do :D

I love your blog :)
And your header.. well, it'll freak me out if I saw it in the dark :P

Oz said...

So true about public toilets. I usually hold my breath and do it. Try peeing while holding your breath. Just makes it more....Painful. Aahha

Loved reading your blog. Following it.

Zeba said...

I read the meet up post first at Furree Kat's blog. It was my first time there and I spotted you! And I was like, damn I know that kid AteeQ. All hyper and happy it made me. True story. Good to see you so happy happy in all the pictures. And some time back I read the post on HBL's blog and got linked to this one. I am feeling slightly J now. But don't tell any one. :-) And and and funny post as usual. I come here when I am bored. For obvious reasons. :-D

Anonymous said...

I have never watched rebecca black before it's good to finally see her video .. she's younger than I expected!
ermmm public toilets suck.. I don't know how you guys are comfortable with it..
WOMEN DRIVERS ROCK i don't know what you are talking about:p lol seriously men drivers suck:p