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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Blah Blah Blah. (part 3),

These days DEATH has inspired me alot.
Yeah call me a weirdo but still Death is the height of craziness.
lol,  he is inspired by computer!
 Imagine yourself to be a student who went through his O-level exams getting 13 straight A*. then in A-levels got 7 A*.
Got a scholarship to some great universities, got some great degrees there and then applied for a million dollar job.
This guy gets an interview another day, and the next morning:
Qayamat agai :P
Now this would be the moment when u burst out:
Probably u would say,
"I should have DIED rather witnessing this moment".
Well at least i would have said that.
Last night when i was lying on my bed suddenly i though that what would happen if i am thrown into hell,
well, i would walk in hell like dabang, every eye starring me and then i would say:
"chalo Lucifer Papa has arrived".
Imagine Satan like this :P
Or if i am sent to heavens,
OMG, i have heard alot about the beautiful fairies there :P
Height of naughtiness.
God, forgive me for these lame jokes i made on heaven and hell but its cuz of these 21 amigos that i have to do so, otherwise i would be back with one follower:P
I don't want to sin more so, i will end this topic here and start a new one.
Today my pockets are full of ideas but how to paste all of them here, is quite difficult so i will post some today and few tomorrow (inshallah).
yes!!! I've got a story (real one).
so the story revolves around the theme:
Height of MELA-PAN.
Recently, me and my friends visited arena, these included:
From left: Nasar, Asad, ATEEQ, Kawish, Waleed and Saqlain.
We had some great time there, not getting into details.
After enjoying ourselves we planned to ave lunch at K.F.C, 
at first we planned  pizza hut but our pockets were too light for that.
I would blame price hiking for that. :P
Well i never got a chance to visit K.F.C cos i had to leave for home, so the story has been narrated to me by a friend and i am typing the story in active voice.
so we got to K.F.C, ordered mighty zinger for every one, yummy.
Now skipping the eating part, lets get to the creepy and ela tarin part.
We all finished the burger except one, i won't name him,
He sat with burger in hand like he was getting into it's philosophy, i said
"Bhai nai khaya ja raha toh let me have a bite".
He said, no and than started eating it, now it was only 1 bite left when he suddenly spoke:
"I am getting it parceled".
We all were were like:
We all were in a bizzzare situation that what did he just said, all of us tried to stop him but that mela, stood up rather than packing that tiny piece himself went to the counter and asked the salesmen to wrap it up, moreover he asked for ketchup.
lol, it was so shameful thing that all of us got out saying:
"ham toh aapko jantey hi nai ".
He was there tooo.

lol, that was the real hieght of mela pan, really man.
I am glad i wasn't there, i would have killed him at that very moment.
This would be all for today, but before leaving,
shouts of HEY, ILYSM, to my brand new 4 followers:
I hope u at least laughed while reading if yes,
am glad.
If not,
This would be: