i luv u, u love me, we r a happy family. :D


I wouldn't take long and i know u wont be even reading the whole but its kinda formality that is to be fulfilled,
P.S u judt dont know how much i hate this thing. I dont know why, but i do.
so let me get this straight
there are few things u need to know while u are on my page, so here they are

  1. read with eyes closed
  2. dont eat or drink on my page and
  3. no smoking 
lol, u would have surely said WTF, so don't leave this, these were just teasers, so the real rules and regulations are:

  1. the content of the blog entirely depends on the author's choice, observation, creativity, innovation, smartness, lol now i got too far in magniloquence. :D i can't exaggerate any further.
  2.  The comment policy says, u can comment any thing at any time and there is no censorship nor there is a need for author to approve it.
  3. this is a private blog and only the author himself owns the authority to post articles on it.
  4. u r not allowed to criticize any one on this blog apart from the posts.
  5. i don't give a damn about who u r, u r requested to please follow the rules and regulations
and, these are the only things i want u to keep in ur mind while u r visiting my blog.
 be happy and enjoy, that is all i want the reader to do.
thank you for reading.