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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

:P :P :P :P

Do u know which statement is considered to be the World's best statement?
. . . . 
. . . 
. . 
. . 
. . . 
. . . .
Sab choro bomb phoro:P

Or like this:
For those who r goras or angrez ka bacha, or simply those who can't understand that statement,
Is that my fault?
 is that?!!!
no tell me!!!
is that my fault?

I can surely do nothing,
Except for translating it,
so the translation is:

MAN!!! Google doesn't have all the Urdu alphabets, so u can't have the perfect translation, so the most like close meaning statement would be:
Leave everything, do nothing
ain't i a smart ass. :P

So, why this statement is the best,
cos with this statement U CAN GET AWAY WITH ANYTHING.
from, Pakistan and India relations to student and teacher's  conversation . . . . . .
wait, wait, wait and wait.
No its not red light, OOOOPPSSS, SORRRYY
we stop on red light, we wait on amber light,
well, u won't understand it without an example,
would you?
Yeah, i know u aren't a smart ass like me,
 for e.g,
many people are debating over
what can be done to strengthen relationship of indians and pakistanis,
but no one like explains the best way,
a dude like me comes and says:
Sab chorro bomb phoro.
(for angrez ki bachi)
leave everything do nothing. :P
hahahahahahahahhahaha, bwahahahahahahha,
indeed i am a crazy, smart ass,
I think now u would have embodied this statement in your mind,
so no further explanation needed thus we close this chapter.

Well, well.
u know what i typed this statement in 3 different parts, currently while typing this statement, i am on part two, of course u r not stupid, or are you?
No its part means i was quite busy, well actually
i wasn't busy at all.
Yeah, i am at home since 2:30 pm and am like, F.A.L.T.U since then,
am i your servant that i would translate every word for you, Google it.
Google It se Yad aya, 
have you ever heard someone saying, YAHOO it, or BING it, well i haven't at least,
lol isn't that quite a point to be noted thing,
an Optimist always says, that is the enlightened  path at the end of this blank cave, that is why u r able to see light in here,
but imagine a pessimist's reply,
Dude it ain't any F***in path, its a train. :P
tell me something i am not aware off, or would it be of, tell me people.
OMG, OMG, God please forgive the reader, he is a big sinner
and me, lol, its not that i am not a sinner, but even Satan feels coy when he is around me.

God forgive me toooooooo, i was joking, this reader is the one who makes me type all this stuff, so please, show no mercy towards the reader and throw him/her in the most:

please, i won't need a competitive sinner in hell with me.
same expression, just imagine a ganja kabutar (bald pigeon here) 
Hell se yad aya
The barber who raped my hairs, u know how much i hate him:

 below are few pictures of how i  am lookin like currently:

Ok, stop staring at me, 
I know how handsome and dashing i am
yes, i am single,
OMG you too,
no no how can i be in a relationship with you,
Oh man u aren't just letting me write, 
Ok, OK,
read where u can find me from HERE and just send me your love card,
The first one gets me. :P
Hey, don't send ur sandals through the mail
OMG, OMG, man!!! i started writing this at 2:34pm and its 12:07 currently,
no i wasn't here all the time, as stated before i wrote this in three different parts,
and this is the third and last part,
man, u know how much EIDI i collected today :4000, in a single day,
awesome isn't it, but that's the gross amount,
the net amount, that i have in my pocket is, R.S2460, 
i have so much to write but i know people don't read long posts, so i should end this,
Ok, so here i jump high up in the air, cos  60 completed atlast,
no clapping please, and no standing aviation,
please be seated let other have a glance at this beauty too,
and for my followers, 
an advice,
u should take my autograph asap cos i don't want to see u people in huge line, in future, 
yeah, i know that was too much.
and with this wonder ful staement i end my awkward and lame post,
hope it at least made you smile,
If not,
u should be human for that :P
and the statement:
"People like you are the reason people like me take pills!"
hahahhahahah, hihihihhhahahahihihihahahha
am not crazy,
but craziest
and its:

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

This was brief

Hey people,
hope you are good,
well, i won't lie but since two days my pockets were out of ideas, yeah, i was like, BELLA, blank.
yah, like an empty room
But, as according to Mr.Sidney Sheldon,
Nothing lasts forever,
The emptiness too, died today when a beam of ideas stalked my pockets.
Later i was confused about how to plot those ideas here.
without further boring u up,
wait, wait, wait and wait,
no its not red light, nor i want any lift, i just have one question to ask:
YEAH, a scene like
You have!!!!
really and u loved it :D

then u know what, u r one hell boring person, and lifeless too.
yuk, u wasted ur half an hour just to see the sun rise, better see my picture daily, lol that would be solar eclipse, but still, yesterday my stupid sister like went to the roof and stood there motionless for 20 minutes seeing that fire ball rise, i was like:
WTF are you doing, gone mad?
That is something dead should admire, we have some more important work to do, yeah that is sleeping. :P
have u heard this quote:
"Do not pity the dead, Harry. Pity the living, and, above all, those who live without love."
yeah, by so famous J.K Rowling.
How stupid, isn't it,
MAN!!!! have u seen people in love, i would rather sit next to a dead man rather than sitting beside a love-maniac. 
At least dead would finally slap me and tell me to shut the hell up but the lover would hear my Cinderella story for ages and at the end would ask, WAS CINDERELLA FEMALE OR MALE?
F*** u for that.
Before my NAM KA ROZA (so called fasting) gets ruined and then hell becomes my residence, i should get to the post.
no i don't have any questions but an announcement.
This post of mine is dedicated to:
MY 50th follower.
Well, i love all my followers equally but as she was the 50th one, the one follower i waited most desperately for, so here is this small:
THANK YOU, from deep deep part of my heart
(lol, that would be cells, come a bit above, yeah that's good now, u r in the core).
and if you aren't following her, check her blog out and follow this awesome blogger.
and i want to like tell you about three awesome new bloggers u need to follow,
so here they are:
  1. UMNA KHAN , Rather than you waste time here reading what i know about her, click her name and check out her deepest-awesome blog, if i compare her to any known blogger, i have got 2, AAISHA and Flood Gates Of Feeling. This girl is good with rhymes, good with words, good with her creative lines, good with emotions, that she adds in her poems, to sum it up, she is an awesome writer, just visit her blog and don't hesitate to click on the follow button.
  2. MAHNOOR I know, people are mostly attracted to blogs based on randomness these days, cos it gives a bit of smile on the reader's face and things can be related  easily, so if you want to add, nopt if, u do want to add a random yet epicaly kewl blog to your reading list, just don't think, follow her. U still here, click her name and go. or read this post first and then u can visit her. :P
  3. LOVE This blog is good for those who read stuff on daily basis, ya she posts daily (mashallah), and her posts are a class apart with sweet sweet topics and sweet sweet text, which would surely make u daily pay a visit to her blog, go and be her follower.
Ok, now i can start with my post,
Today's post is based on:
Yeah, again, 
cos recently i went to shopping again and there i saw this:
Ok, ya i know how beautiful it is, but
man, my sister wasted R.S3,360 for this thing, and when she was buying it, i burst out in my loudest voice, saying:
"Are u insane? get me a cloth of your choice and i will make u one for free".
When i said that the sales woman of the shop gave me those looks, which clearly meant:
"Better keep ur mouth shut, asshole, u don't know the beauty of this dress".
instead of giving her looks of, "BEAUTY, MY ASS", i gave he looks of:
"Your place or mine".
and she gave me the look:
"Lets do it here,"
i was like:
In the end, my stupid sister bought the dress, and i was shocked and the sales woman rocked.
i was crazy the whole time after that, 
i mean what was beautiful that made my sister so tempting for her,
just a piece of cloth stitched in the middle, who the hell can't make one like that.
So the final most conclusion:
now that's EPIC.
Stupid se yad aya:
Note: This pathan based stuff is just included with an aim for adding some humor in this post, nothing personal, and if you are a pathan,:
and, for indians, you can compare pathans to your sikhs
and the people from west, u can simply think of blondes.
Blondes, aren't they chic, (females), 
yeah indeed they are more beautiful then brunets, 
urghh, hate distractions, so 
When we did all the shopping, we went to the place where we had parked our car, the car was in its place but behind us, a Pathan had parked his,
Just imagine height of his stupidity, that it was clearly mentioned,
over there, yet still he parked his and moreover behind ours.
Good thing, he was in his car, Bad thing he shouldn't have been there,
cos when i went to that ass hole, 
Ok read the active conversation:
Me: Uncle, can u please reverse your car, we r leaving u can park it at our place
Asshair: What?
Me: repeated what i just said
Asshair: Just wait for five minutes, my wife is coming and we would leave
Me: i am not saying u to go, just reverse a little bit, as soon as we leave u can park yours at our place,
Asshair: just wait for five minutes
Me: why should i wait when u r here, i am not asking u to leave, just reverse
Asshair: and i am saying u to stay
By then my mother was there too, and two guys (the guys responsible for parking) were there too and all of us were telling him the same thing, but for some reason that hair of ass wasn't getting it
In the end i was like hell furious and i kicked his door, he came out, we had a fight not the real one, just verbal and as those guys were backing us, his wife came,
and what happened, 
She took the keys from her husband, they both sat in the car, and minute later the lady drove the car away,
and again:
Ateeq was shocked and pathan rocked.
YEAH, I was expression less.
and do u know:
ONCE a pathan wanted to smoke, he searched for mtches but he didn't find so what he did was, he blew the candle and went to sleep. :P
lol, you too
OMG, that's 6:30 p.m, gotta rush upstairs for iftar, and one more thing
My barber raped my hairs once more, he made me Akon. :(
i will post about it later,
and to all muslims around the globe:
This was a really short post, but still hope u enjoyed it,
and if not,
WTF, u think i am an entertainer entertaining u without getting paid :P
enjoy the eid people and do remember me in your prayers. :D
Oh my god, how could i end this without saying hello to my new followers,'
hey peoples.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Undescribaly Dabang dude.

Here comes the bowler, he jumps, throws the ball, OMG its a yorker but ATEEQ comes forward, makes it a fool-toss, hits hard toward the square leg, its huge, will it be taken, NO man!!!1 its really high up in the air, the ball crosses the boundary, it passes the crowd, it ain't coming down, OMG, its out of the ground into the nearby flats, its HUGE six, NO its a HUGE 8, marvelous shot with ultimate perfection, that is why the score board maintainer gives him 8 for that.
Its Ateeq's first fifty, marvelous innings, and he moves from 46 to 54.
Astounding performance, though the start wasn't good enough till 12 posts balls but in the end, he ends up with 50
Ok no clapping please and no standing aviation,
OI, what happened to u guys?
U know how I feel, I feel like:
at LAST I did it.
AHH, so I have at last completed level one.
and u know this happiness led me to propose a girl (chek out the conversation that took place) :
ME, sweetheart would u love to see a broken heart or would u love me till my heart breaks
SHE: ASSHOLE. should i beat u with a broken sandal or should i beat u till my sandal breaks. :P
i was like:

and u know what, like 2 days before, i was stuck with 46 followers, and i was so angry and sad, that i thought that i won't blog again but after getting mentioned in the blogs of:

  1. Daaneiia 
  2. KN 
  3. Ezazi 
  4. Ridx 
( I know i have missed some names, that is not because i don't love u guys but because i don't remember ur blog urls' otherwise i have posted u up here, i am so sorry. )
Yup, so after getting mentioned in around 7 or 8 awesome blogs, i had a thought that i don't really need more followers, i have some really awesome people following me and i am so stupid that i decided to leave blogging,
Fuck me, man!!!
( no not really, joking, i don't wanna walk like am dancing) :P
but yesterday as i clicked on my blog link i was startled to see:
i refreshed the page three times and when for  the third time i csaw 54 followers, i went to the third floor of my house and 
Down came ateeq and washed incy wincy out, :P

but, i hate my cat soo much,
ahe rescued me, she like took me in her arms and then we had :
YESHHH, romance a song and then she threw me away :(
(this was the same cat i once dated).
so, i was saved finally i came back went to the fridge, took the bowl of custard out and dipped my head in it, then used Hershey's chocolate sauce over it, there wasn't enough custard layer to hold the wafers so my nostrils did the job of holding them and made a whole custard of my self but as i turned back i was greeted with a flying slipper that hit me directly on my nose and the wafers went in, :(
yah, it was my cruel sister who hit me with that wooden slipper,
and since then i am planning aboout how to kill her, please do tell me if u have any super awesome idea through which i can kill her and get out clean without C.I.D catching me and that  Daya making a curry of me.
yeah, so recently when i was sneaking at your blogs, there was one thing i noticed:
  1. Girls are talkin mainly these days about love marriage and happy the ends..
LOVE GURU is here and u people are searching for love without me..:P
I can't really explain what marriage is but i could do so indirectly through telling u the difference between love and arrange marriage.

When around 20 people from your family pushes u off  a cliff like this:
Its arrange marriage

and when u yourself jumps off a cliff like this:
Its love marriage.
Final conclusion marriage is like falling off a cliff,
so still u wanna marry, YESSS!!!!!! ok go for it, but i would say
fuck off to marriage
Not because i am afraid to jump off a cliff, i truly love thrill but because all the hot girls would get married to someone else and i would have to then marry a girl like this:
LOL, well the fact is, u r all same like this, but some know how to use cosmetics well :P
That is why the percentage of deaths in men is more than women
cos its hard for even the angel of death to recognize u without make up. :P
Until and unless i find a right girl for me, the tafrih one, i am gonna keep humiliating girls in evey way i can, and its a Pledge.
I pledge
Its been like hell too much for me,
all the girls i get to know personally are either the 'JEE' saying ones, the normal perverts or either if i do get one good girl she says: 'I am commited or i am in a relationship".
to hell all of you, there are like  3,301,112,087 this much women party living in this world and not a single for me.
Hate u allll.....
am i :/, I really don't care
Ok so end this cos i have got more girls following me and i don't want sandals appearing out of my laptop, so it would be a super awesome happy ending with lots of wishes to all my followers i love u all, u guys really mean a whole world to me.

arghhhhhh, i just forgot again:
The recent book i got my hands on.
yeah, so this time i have a great classic book for you all,if you want to read something simple and relaxing and good for your mind.
Just get this:
I really enjoyed this novel, i just loved how the author connected a single guy's life with so many people.
You would surely too enjoy it
Did u notice the title of this post, 
this is the title she  gave me, i just don't have enough words to thank her and if you aren't following her, that is really bad cos u r really missing something undescribably awesome,
and she even awarded me with this:
Thank you ARFA, i just heart ur blog toooooooo.

ALAS, it is officially:
and i will always love you people,

Sunday, 21 August 2011

dON'T GO for topic.

3 days
total sleep taken:
10 hours and 20 minutes.
obvious conclusion:
Exhausted like hell.
Symptoms of asthma and migraine are quite obvious,
dark spots have formed beneath my eyes and i hope my family isn't thinking that i am a heavy masturbator (off course not).
So i am gonna take some sleep cos i don't have anything in my pockets, not even my rocket (firecracker), webs are hanging in them.
posted by ateeq mughal, yesterday.
But today am back in 
Fast like a cheetah, strong like a lion. :D
To determine the height of my freshness read this:
4 men in prison
a rapist
a murderer
a psycho
and a gay.
rapist: If there's a cat here, i'd fuck it
til it dies.
murderer: once you're done, i'd
torture it to death.
psycho: once it's dead, i'd fuck it till i
the gay in the corner very softly says…
meooww :D :D

That is really an awkward laugh. :/
U know what:
Only he is not lughing. :(
U know why:
cos of CONSTIPATION. he ain't had potty during his life,
so everything inside him is:
Stucked in the moment....with you. :P
So he can't really move his thirty muscles,
what? oh 30 Muscles for what?
lol u don't know u excercis eur thirty muscles while laughing. :P
So u don't really know his situation,
SITUATION se yad aya:
these days, while i am reading blog of especially Paki blogs, i have noticed one thing, people do care about the country and its current situation, 
OK, am not gonna tell u do'z and don'ts, no i really don't type all that stuff, if u want that i can tell u pretty awesome links for stuff like this.
A small note for my new followers:
dudes and dudians (female), While u r on my blog, u r not allowed to think, cos the writer himslef doesn't thinks when he is here, the reason, coz every one around u would be there to tell u smart things but no one would polish ur stupidity and i really love stupidity, so if u wanna laugh out loud, u r most welcome and if u r practicing to control ur breath u r welcome too but if u r coming here to grasp something, i am sure u r wasting ur time.
So back to my point, lol i jst violated the rule my self, POINT, it would make u think.
So back to shit, yeah that's better,
The shit is, last night i was thinking (not here). about the current situation of Pakistan and one thing hit me hard seriously:
Imagine if QUAID-E-AZAM gets his life back to do a single thing, what it would be?
.simple, he would return Pakistan back to Britishers with a letter of Sorry. :D
Ok, u can call me a bad citizen and throw me out of here. :P
into Afghanistan, i will play live call of duty there :P
in shalwar and kameez...:D
That is really bad, u guys would surely make end in hell. :P
U Know what i really don't hate the politicians of Pakistan more than i hate these people who puke out of their windows while being on buses, cars or any other vehicles.
Its really disgusting man!!!!!!hate it,
and i am gonna start a demonstration for that, 
well that is all happening in Pakistan these days, every one is out on the roads, so why not me.
ewwwwwwww, imagine someone eating it ...ewwwwwwwwwww, am disgusting.....hahahaha

lol, that gave me a nausea, u just saw one, i saw hundred and then i had to choose the best disgusting one.
We don't need a reason obviously to hate this, but still i am gonna share what makes me hate it more than Paki politicians.:
Once i was riding my bike, well as a teenager i am a maniac rider, and anything i drive usually ends at mechanic's shop, urghhhhh, i am a good distractor. :P
so while i was riding my bike, i crossed a bus and just as i was crossing the bus, a man puked out of his window and i was the one who caught his shit, it was all over me......my shirt, pants, mouth hairs, everything was like dipped in it...
i just want to meet that guy once in my life, i really don't know what am gonna do to him, but whatever it would be it would be rally BAD.
Am gonna teach every one who pules a good lesson...
OMG, Lesson se yad aya:
Yesterday one of my teacher was charged for breaking the signal, she wasn't asked to do anything first, but as she gave an explanation that she was a teacher and was being late for class, and that all blah blah blah,
the policeman said:
"I was waiting for this moment from my childhood. Please take out a paer and write a thousand times, I WONT DO THAT AGAIN".
teacher shocked, policeman rocked. :D
I think i have typed a good amount of stuff to make u laugh,
well if u won't laugh on this one....What can i do, only humans are given an ability to laugh::D
Well that is not the 'the end'
cos, I have still got two things left:
  1. To my followers, i really thank you all for the awesome support and comments u guys posted. am really glad that i have at least proved one statement to be wrong, yeah, there is a quote that 'a man never chooses his family himself ". whoever said that, sorry man, but i have choosen my followers my self and they are part of my family, SO PLZ, F*** OFF.
  2. The book i recently got my hands one is:

Yeah that is the one,
well i won't tell u the story for sure, but if u are in a mood to read a real thriller and some extra awesome strategies of how to escape prison and some great work u should get this.
well this would rocket u from the first page to last faster than u have ever read before, that defines this book.
well, i should disclose a little about it:
Its a story of a marine who was accused of killing his wife and her boyfriend and was put into one of the most dangerous prison which guarantees that no one can escape it. This guy finds a way out.
That is all i want u to read, god bless u all and now it would be the:


Friday, 19 August 2011

AND, Its for all of you.

I really never thought i would be posting this so soon
but, i just can't help it.
so today its:
ok thank you:
to present the awards to some of the best people on Earth i call upon stage, Ateeq Mughal, (hey, idiot get ur ass on the stage) :P
ok without wasting any more time, let the Party begin :D
This would be the first, cos lots of people are sharing it:
  1. HBL Do i really need to give a reason for why i love this guy's blog? Yeah, i don't need to. Well this guy is really born to be a blogger, not only a blogger but to be a writer, the way he write, OMG, i still remember his cigarette wali story, that was like the best short story i have ever written but he is not getting this award for only that story this one is for all of his work. keep rocking dude. Moreover everything u read on my blog, he is the backbone of it, he is the one who brought me to blogger and i really thank him for that, i wish u were a girl, i would have proposed u to marry me, but you see it can't be logically and legally possible, so u can still have my heart and eat it. :D
  2. DAANEIIA Firstly, i hope i spell that right, if yes thanks to god, if know then do let me know. Randomness, awesomeness, creativity, humor and what else does i need to tell u guys how awesome her blog is. Well the blog and the author both are super awesome, smart like superman, WHAT? yeah superman was smart, he used to wear underwear over his pants, smart ass he showed what color he is wearing. Even if i am wearing the million dollar one no one would know what's inside :D. Her blog is really kinda good luck charm for me, cos since she got here, i am getting followers and my stat shows i am having more people from her blog. :D first it was Furee kat from where the stalkers came, but she outrun her by sending 12 of her followers to me. :D.
  3. VIYA A blog filled with random thing which are presented as awesome-ly as possible and a blog which would always remain in my favorites. Tell u one thing there are really few people who get my replies on comments and u r one of them. :D, I really love this blog, and in a day almost every time i switch my laptop on, i pay a visit to this blog. The author is one of the sweetest people alive on Earth and i really enjoy posting comments on her blog.
  4. KN She loves TWIX. Do i need to add something more, Hell i do, :D. She really have a stone heart, she watches horror movies like i watch Tom and Jerry, :P. Her blog is kinda magnet, it attracts me towards itself every time i want to smile. She is EPICLY cool girl, and u can't find a girl more energetic in words than her. Moreover she is really sweet and supportive, and i really adore her and her blog. 
  5. EZAZI If Michael Jackson is the king of pop. she is the queen her, she is on blogging since june 2011 but in this short span of time, she now rules over 74 hearts. :P lol i have got all the information, the best part about her way of writing is how she uses the things under *, they are more hilarious than Russell Peters's comedy is. Her doodles are way too awesome her Ninja mode, OMG i heard The mortal combat team would be hiring her soon.
  6. OVAIS First of all, what's the story behind Cheeku, :P, i was dying to ask this question :D, lol, whenever i need to laugh out so loud and so much that my stomach starts hurting, the best place is this guy's blog, he would be one of the most decent guy's i have ever known and i just love this guy's blog. If u need to get ur self ahstma, u can surely pay a visit to his blog, the pictures there would surely give u one.
  7. Faryal The most awesomest thing that makes me love this girl's blog is her posts which are rich in never heard words, yeah she's got the perfect vocabulary and the way she uses her words it's awesome, i do remember the first post i read on your blog was a letter to Quaid-e-Azam and that is one of the my sll time favorite post on blogger.
  8. a* Be prepare to dive in one of the most deepest ocean of words in this world, reading posts at this blog is like diving into a deep blue sea and exploring every single weed with naked eye. Her words and the way she constructs a sentence is something i won't be able to do even if i practice it for 10 yeaars in a row, that deepness makes me love ur blog.
  9. ASMA This girl is maintaining a one of a kind blog, i adore her Islamic knowledge and the lovely way she puts it together,  her blog contains a theme, a meaning and an idea that makes me love her blog, Stay blessed, i love sayig this :D.
  10. AASIYAH Like Asma, this girl to manages to right so many good things with awesome awesome messages in them, her blog seems the most sensitive blog to me on the blogger and i don't really think much before typing anything on any other blog but i really do check what am posting at this blog, i have just read two of her posts but still they made me her fan.
  11. RIDX Her blog is really a cupppaaacofffee, stronger than any other coffee in the world and relaxing too, she wants to own a beach, i wish she gets one day and her last post about the day she would spend there, was so recreational that i really wish i own a beach too.
  12. MISHI The WOMEN blogger (note: in one of my posts i mentioned how much i hate women, but i would really say that she is an exception). lol, forgot to state, she is the only blogger on thsi tiny plannet who calls me KID, and i like it, the reason i love her blog are her long long posts, usually i don't really read long posts or if i do, i just skip some parts and capture the main theme, but i don't really remember the last time i skipped even a para of her post. Moreover she got creativity in her mind, i truly love the pictures u have posted on the right side of ur blog
  13. NOSTALGIC The thing that makes me love her blog are the statements that she gets from her awesome medula or cerebellum, whoever does the thinking part, her sentences are like completed in every word, the emptiness she creates i just can't tell how awesome-ly she writes. i just can't define the Epicness
  14. KIRAN I have read like only her single post but am like wanting more from her, her last post was just four lines long but it was something coming from some really deep deep thinking mind, am not disclosing it here, check it out yourselves.
  15. PURPLE MIST I would say I love to walk in the rain but can't do that here because of the acid rain :P , I still laugh on this statement, she is really awesome, a book worm, and the best part she's got good taste in books. I like the random way she writes and the best best thing on her blog is the title, i am like in love to it. u shouls really pay a visit to her blog, if u didn't find it interesting she is gonna refund u ur money :P
  16. MAHAM She can really make an exception and one day she would, there was a post she posted about SHIA and SUNNIS, believe me it was the best piece of writing a person can write to bring these two communities together, this award is not only for that one but for ur whole awesome blog including the Nazia Hassan's picture u have got, and keep writing.
  17. NORMAL IS OVER RATED She taught me: There are so many people out there who will tell you that you can't. What you've got to do is turn around and say, "watch me." yeah she really taught me that, and am really thankful to u for this teaching, this is really one of the best lessons i have got. her '9 crimes' post is my all time favorite one on her blog and i really want u to visit her page.
  18. SAQLAIN 3 Dys since he got on blogger and in this really short short piece of time, he has turned into a pro, when i first got here i didn't knew anything related to blogger, but no one can say that he is a novice here, his sense of humor is like A.W.E.S.O.M.E and the best part i like him, cos we both write like Corry Doctrow, it would be my request that u should visit his page he would bet he  happiest guy on earth if u clicked the follow button.
  19. BHADRAWR I just love her blog from top to bottom, from her header to page text and from her title to captions, she is really creative girl with a good sense of writing. I started following her recently and am sure i would keep hitting her page as long as i am here. :D
  20. USMAN There was one post he posted which made me laugh too much while reading, the reason he is a computer geek and wrote some alienic things in it, the angry birds and y-axis were the only words i understood. lol, but still i loved that post, and his picture he posted when he got success in some project it was so cute, the smile in it was like really sweet smile. I really love coming to your blog Usman ans ur background image is a sweet as i am. :D and just imagine the height of his awesomeness he followed me just yesterday.
  21. LOVE She too started to follow me yesterday and its like a fact that when we follow others we always read the recent post but i was too much lost in her post i read three of them :0, to imagine something beautiful and throw it in the air with a hope to see it happening one day, expecting it to happen someday here or in the eternity... this is my all time favorite line that i read in one of your posts. 
  22. TARIQ MIAN Now this guy is really a thinker, his recent post 'Pakistan's miraculous survival'. was so awesome that i can easily get an A in history if learn that post by heart, it was like he summarized the whole book and then added some real thinking points, hats off to u sir, for ur great work.
  23. ROLLING STONE This guy is a strong believer, and according to my analyses he is potentially strong guy, i love his picture and that MR.bean hanging out on the corner, i have read his only one post am waiting for his new one, hope it comes soon, so that i may get to know him more.
  24. .FLOODGATES OF FEELINGS  The blog over flooding with awesome ideas, u  just can't skip her posts, she gives every thing a new edge and puts her maximum efforts, i wish her gates always remain open for readers like me and i wish that she keeps on her flow. i really love ur ideas, i wish i can steal few. lol.
  25. OTHER SIDE OF ME The only reason i have kept u at last is that i started off with the blog i love most so i ended this too with the blog i love most. i really A.D.O.R.E ur blog and i just wanna say u that ur this side which u has revealed to us is so awesome that i can't believe u would actually have a darker side. ur blog and ur comments inspire me alot, i really thank you from deepest part of my heart that u followed me
OMG, so i just gave a single award to all my ACTIVE followers, this is not the 'THE END', this is just part 1 i will post part 2 tomorrow cuz it took me 3hrs to just post this one and am damn tired.
GUYS, Today i had no time to read any of the posts except few so i would be reading all the posts inshallah on monday, 
and this os only one i have got plenty more to distribute, lol it was hard but i enjoyed it.
hope u like it, that would be the:
for today, 
ahh my fingers are hurting.