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Sunday, 21 August 2011

dON'T GO for topic.

3 days
total sleep taken:
10 hours and 20 minutes.
obvious conclusion:
Exhausted like hell.
Symptoms of asthma and migraine are quite obvious,
dark spots have formed beneath my eyes and i hope my family isn't thinking that i am a heavy masturbator (off course not).
So i am gonna take some sleep cos i don't have anything in my pockets, not even my rocket (firecracker), webs are hanging in them.
posted by ateeq mughal, yesterday.
But today am back in 
Fast like a cheetah, strong like a lion. :D
To determine the height of my freshness read this:
4 men in prison
a rapist
a murderer
a psycho
and a gay.
rapist: If there's a cat here, i'd fuck it
til it dies.
murderer: once you're done, i'd
torture it to death.
psycho: once it's dead, i'd fuck it till i
the gay in the corner very softly says…
meooww :D :D

That is really an awkward laugh. :/
U know what:
Only he is not lughing. :(
U know why:
cos of CONSTIPATION. he ain't had potty during his life,
so everything inside him is:
Stucked in the moment....with you. :P
So he can't really move his thirty muscles,
what? oh 30 Muscles for what?
lol u don't know u excercis eur thirty muscles while laughing. :P
So u don't really know his situation,
SITUATION se yad aya:
these days, while i am reading blog of especially Paki blogs, i have noticed one thing, people do care about the country and its current situation, 
OK, am not gonna tell u do'z and don'ts, no i really don't type all that stuff, if u want that i can tell u pretty awesome links for stuff like this.
A small note for my new followers:
dudes and dudians (female), While u r on my blog, u r not allowed to think, cos the writer himslef doesn't thinks when he is here, the reason, coz every one around u would be there to tell u smart things but no one would polish ur stupidity and i really love stupidity, so if u wanna laugh out loud, u r most welcome and if u r practicing to control ur breath u r welcome too but if u r coming here to grasp something, i am sure u r wasting ur time.
So back to my point, lol i jst violated the rule my self, POINT, it would make u think.
So back to shit, yeah that's better,
The shit is, last night i was thinking (not here). about the current situation of Pakistan and one thing hit me hard seriously:
Imagine if QUAID-E-AZAM gets his life back to do a single thing, what it would be?
.simple, he would return Pakistan back to Britishers with a letter of Sorry. :D
Ok, u can call me a bad citizen and throw me out of here. :P
into Afghanistan, i will play live call of duty there :P
in shalwar and kameez...:D
That is really bad, u guys would surely make end in hell. :P
U Know what i really don't hate the politicians of Pakistan more than i hate these people who puke out of their windows while being on buses, cars or any other vehicles.
Its really disgusting man!!!!!!hate it,
and i am gonna start a demonstration for that, 
well that is all happening in Pakistan these days, every one is out on the roads, so why not me.
ewwwwwwww, imagine someone eating it ...ewwwwwwwwwww, am disgusting.....hahahaha

lol, that gave me a nausea, u just saw one, i saw hundred and then i had to choose the best disgusting one.
We don't need a reason obviously to hate this, but still i am gonna share what makes me hate it more than Paki politicians.:
Once i was riding my bike, well as a teenager i am a maniac rider, and anything i drive usually ends at mechanic's shop, urghhhhh, i am a good distractor. :P
so while i was riding my bike, i crossed a bus and just as i was crossing the bus, a man puked out of his window and i was the one who caught his shit, it was all over me......my shirt, pants, mouth hairs, everything was like dipped in it...
i just want to meet that guy once in my life, i really don't know what am gonna do to him, but whatever it would be it would be rally BAD.
Am gonna teach every one who pules a good lesson...
OMG, Lesson se yad aya:
Yesterday one of my teacher was charged for breaking the signal, she wasn't asked to do anything first, but as she gave an explanation that she was a teacher and was being late for class, and that all blah blah blah,
the policeman said:
"I was waiting for this moment from my childhood. Please take out a paer and write a thousand times, I WONT DO THAT AGAIN".
teacher shocked, policeman rocked. :D
I think i have typed a good amount of stuff to make u laugh,
well if u won't laugh on this one....What can i do, only humans are given an ability to laugh::D
Well that is not the 'the end'
cos, I have still got two things left:
  1. To my followers, i really thank you all for the awesome support and comments u guys posted. am really glad that i have at least proved one statement to be wrong, yeah, there is a quote that 'a man never chooses his family himself ". whoever said that, sorry man, but i have choosen my followers my self and they are part of my family, SO PLZ, F*** OFF.
  2. The book i recently got my hands one is:

Yeah that is the one,
well i won't tell u the story for sure, but if u are in a mood to read a real thriller and some extra awesome strategies of how to escape prison and some great work u should get this.
well this would rocket u from the first page to last faster than u have ever read before, that defines this book.
well, i should disclose a little about it:
Its a story of a marine who was accused of killing his wife and her boyfriend and was put into one of the most dangerous prison which guarantees that no one can escape it. This guy finds a way out.
That is all i want u to read, god bless u all and now it would be the:



a* said...

Like you said, I didn't think anything while reading this post. Now I'm blanked out as if I was Spongebob surrounded by rainbows. :| :P

Ezazi said...

""dudes and dudians (female), While u r on my blog, u r not allowed to think, cos the writer himslef doesn't thinks when he is here, the reason, coz every one around u would be there to tell u smart things but no one would polish ur stupidity and i really love stupidity, so if u wanna laugh out loud, u r most welcome and if u r practicing to control ur breath u r welcome too but if u r coming here to grasp something, i am sure u r wasting ur time.""


Sadiya Merchant said...

lol speedy action is appreciated!

d puke thing...seriously ewwww!
i cant belv sum1 wud do sumthin like dat n i was awful enuff to laugh at dat wen i read it :o
shorrie! :P

u kno despite all d terribl things happenin in pakistan, politicians or ppls habit wise, to me it stil is d place dat my mom had once been to fr her cousins weddin n she used to keep tellin us stories of karachi n hw absolutely awesum d food was. nihari? n sum kababs whos name i cnt seem to recollect. n evryones always frnly n d best part being if u kno urdu, dats enuff to find ur way!

no mans land. d cover luks a wee bit scary!
hey wasn dere a movie wid dat title too? sum foreign language movie dat won an oscar?
or mayb dey r too diffrnt things- not sure!

n haa im nt a dudian im a dudette

Mohammed Saqlain said...

Okay , The PUKE thingy was the best !
hope u eat some of it :P
I laughed reading the whole post ! :)

ateeq mughal said...

spongebob square pants, love that guy....surrounded by rainbows :P hahaha,
Ezazi, OHkie dokie. :P
@SADIYA, there are lots of kababs, chpli, reshmi, gola seekh and lots of more :P
and i know we Karachi people are awesome people. :D
and yah there was a movie with this name, ages ago :/
and wow, u really know that word, OMG,
Saqlain,yah i did shared the chalia :P

Hazel said...

Lol I think this is the most random post I've ever read!

ateeq mughal said...

and i would be the most random guy around :D

Areesha Bilal said...

Lol, I am in live with your blog. I was in a bad mood all day but I feel better now <3 =D

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

This is the craziest post I have read today!
You have an unique sense of humor.

ateeq mughal said...

Thanx for appreciating it

Love said...

that was long, and i sort of got a little distracted in the end.. so didnt read the end...

may be some other day!

but how did u end up going like this nonstop talent hai!

was this the same guy on the bridge?

KN. said...

You are just so hilaaaarious there's no end to it. :P

And did the policeman really say that to your teacher? :D CHA GAYA BAHE!! XDXD

Keep writing all so frequently!

Mishi said...

hahahahahahahaha........OMG..it made me laugh so hard that I almost fell off my chair..loved it Ateeq..and loved your photo too..nice work KID! hehehehehe;p

Ridx :) said...



normal.is.overrated. said...

HAHAH THAT PICTURE OF YOU (i am assuming its you) IS HILAROUS!!! the joke LMAO wthhhhh?

and that guy puking....SO DIGSUTING! THANKS FOR THAT DUDE!

normal.is.overrated. said...

HAHAH THAT PICTURE OF YOU (i am assuming its you) IS HILAROUS!!! the joke LMAO wthhhhh?

and that guy puking....SO DIGSUTING! THANKS FOR THAT DUDE!

ateeq mughal said...

yah that is me in the picture :P
thankyou...for so liking the post. :D

@love, bridge guy?
am i missing something :/

ateeq mughal said...

@KN, my teacher told me he did said that, but it was just to tease her, :D
in the end, u know what u are asked to do when a policeman catches u :P

the other side of me said...

LOL..i had a good laugh..and the puke thing is soo ewwwwwwwwwww..are u serious that happened to u?? man..i cant imagine myself in those puke..

..and the teacher joke..LOL ;P

and yes..its my pleasure to be a part of your family


Anonymous said...

Hhahaaa I LOVEDDDD BEING HERE dude. <3

Kiran Ashraf said...

every post of yours is mixed achar: )
puke part was totally gross!!!i am fasting without sehri..kuch tu rhm khao muj par
that joked u shared really fits to the khi situation as we have all of these 4 guys with guns on khi roads these days..the gay being the poor citizens who dont even get a chance to say meoooww before being dragged into a torture cell. Great book heard about it but havent read it since i am busy with another book.
ps: do u have a habit of pulling out yr tongue :)reminds me of venom in spiderman..he was really cool ;) n thx for polishing our stupidity..i m v close to being termed stupid among my friends circle..all hails to u :)

ateeq mughal said...

Thankyouuuuu for loving it.
@kiran, wow u gave my joke a new side :/
nyc girl
and let me tel u one thing
even socrates was stupid to people but today u won't find a philosophy book that is without his work.
I polish stupidity with every day life's evidences, i make the reader laugh on everything, so thet he/she may know that everything around us lives in its own self..

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

47, three more to go!!

ateeq mughal said...

47 since sunday, no one is hitting in here, i so hate those people who r not following me back. :(

..the floodgate of feelings..:] said...

loved the randomness in your blog..it could keep one busy for hours!
hahahaha and funny post...was literally laughing throughout!;)

Maham said...

ewwwww.that puke walee picture was about to get on my nerves when I had to pull that off for the survival of my roza..eww.eww.ew...yuck yuck yuck..

and I wish I could do it to my teachers tooo..:P

TARIQ MIAN said...

What a vulgar talk?
Are you getting ready to join some comedian group or you will have your own soon. You may select some of your fans from amongst the bloggers here if u want a group of your own.
Good post Hey ateeq!

ateeq mughal said...

hahaha, if i started doing comedy, my mom would kick me out, she hates comedy, :/
i am good here.
thanx people for liking it. :D

Zeba said...

Wow. I can't believe I got to the end of this one. This made for a very hurried read. I never knew where the next sentence would throw me off to. But I am glad I got here and read such a 'creative' post. :)

ateeq mughal said...

thank you, for reading it, hahah, i don't even know myself what am writing. :P

Ifra Khaliq said...

I didn't know that I don't follow you :D

You've got one more follower :]

ateeq mughal said...

Thank you so much,

äмän ♥ said...

Lol =D
Thanks Bro for the lovely comment and for following. :)
Following you too :)

ateeq mughal said...

thank you sis for following me too. :D
u r 50th, U made my day. :D

äмän ♥ said...

Lol and you are 101th :P

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

52 Followerzzzzzzzz!

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

And this gives me all the rights need to officially and legally,
Spam your blog/post.


Hamza Bin Ladin said...

And AGain,


Hamza Bin Ladin said...

And I need a Treat now.

A up sized bar of Twixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!!!!!!!!!

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

I wanted to be the 40th commentor. So thee you are. Once again.








Hamza Bin Ladin said...

On second thoughts,
I think 41 is a stronger number?
Isn't it?

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

Or 42?

ateeq mughal said...

gone nuts :P
a treat at P.C

Pathan cafeteria :P

Aasiyah said...

Maaaaaaaaaan! I just had a really hard time and you made me laugh.
But that puke picture was ewwwwwwww. XD

Rosette Princess said...

hahahahaha its hilarious! awsum dude lol you've got a great sense of humor :D
well i must say this kind of post is very rare :P

ateeq mughal said...

thank you :D

umna khan said...

OMG...awesome post.. :D you are such a barrel of laughs... enjoyed every bit of it...especially that puking part...! hahahaha keep blogging =)

ateeq mughal said...

:D thanx