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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Mixed Achaar

Years have passed, every thing has changed but still the question remains, the question remains unanswered still,
The question that is:
Kis ne kaha that k PEPSI 65 ki kardo :P
hahahahahhahaha. WHAT!!!! no that wasn't lame, was it?
OMG, whole week passed and i didn't post anything.
Well that's really bad, and it's cos of my tough time table, i just hove a single minute to spare,
Sometimes before just going to bathroom i have to think that whether i should bath or should i skip bathing, wear a strong perfume and save my self fifteen minutes.
That's the height of being busy.
So, today my pockets are not too heavy, dun know why, i remember last night they were pretty much heavier, but still they are not empty so lets start with the first thing in my pocket today.

SO, before u leave this page thinking that this guy is a pervert and nothing more, and then probably u would unfollow me and i would be back again with only single follower, i should start with this thing,
GIRLS, se yad aya, 
did u notice that i have 25 followers!!, that is pretty much for me, but did u notice among these 25, 16 are girls, wow.
Stupid, that doesn't means there are more female bloggers, HELL NO!! but girls love me  my blog more. :D
so, Girls are really bitchy  lovely creatures, but when they are women OMG, then i would say Guys are better.
the thing is,
Women think they are comparable to man.
i would say:
simply: hahahahahahahahahahahah
Yeah, that is pretty much a joke.
I am not degrading women, 
i think i am, but that's the truth
OK, so before writing something
I don't know how many of u read the disclaimer on my blog, 
well OK u never read it,
Well, it says that every thing on this page is part of author's own observation and he doesn't gives a damn about who u r,
Lol, i should change this line, cos i do give a damn about the reader, cos i don't want to get back to my stone age blog.
anti women
Why i hate women is because they think they can be a man, :P
u r a women for god sake be a women.
I do visit many places where u have to stand in a queue for long long time, and every single guy (young or old) have to stand in that queue but the women, the evil, would come, go to the counter and would say:
ladies first.
or, we are women so can we have the counter first,
where is ur equilibrium then, where is ur power than.
so to every women out there in this world who thinks she could be a man,
f*** off 
(roza kharab karadia).
so not making it a huge article, women learn patience first, then u can have me as ur teacher.
I don't know whether i would post tomorrow so:
happy Independence day, to every one.

It would sound awkward, but this year i just don't feel the original patriotism in me, the way last year i did paintings and wrote great great great statuses on Facebook.
I just feel like we shouldn't celebrate, i just think we r not Pakistanis, the way we r treating pakistan, it seems as if we a invaders trying to ruin this place.
To me Pakistan is in it's worst condition and if we did nothing for it TODAY, i don't think there would be a country called Pakistan in the future.
The bad part is, we just don't have time to think, we should do something, we r too late for the'thinking' part .
we need Allah.
  Its our elders who did wrong but now its our turn to make it right.
I just wanna be a part of the right doers.
that would be:

OMG, f*** me, 
no that was meant to be a joke.
the end.