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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

:P :P :P :P

Do u know which statement is considered to be the World's best statement?
. . . . 
. . . 
. . 
. . 
. . . 
. . . .
Sab choro bomb phoro:P

Or like this:
For those who r goras or angrez ka bacha, or simply those who can't understand that statement,
Is that my fault?
 is that?!!!
no tell me!!!
is that my fault?

I can surely do nothing,
Except for translating it,
so the translation is:

MAN!!! Google doesn't have all the Urdu alphabets, so u can't have the perfect translation, so the most like close meaning statement would be:
Leave everything, do nothing
ain't i a smart ass. :P

So, why this statement is the best,
cos with this statement U CAN GET AWAY WITH ANYTHING.
from, Pakistan and India relations to student and teacher's  conversation . . . . . .
wait, wait, wait and wait.
No its not red light, OOOOPPSSS, SORRRYY
we stop on red light, we wait on amber light,
well, u won't understand it without an example,
would you?
Yeah, i know u aren't a smart ass like me,
 for e.g,
many people are debating over
what can be done to strengthen relationship of indians and pakistanis,
but no one like explains the best way,
a dude like me comes and says:
Sab chorro bomb phoro.
(for angrez ki bachi)
leave everything do nothing. :P
hahahahahahahahhahaha, bwahahahahahahha,
indeed i am a crazy, smart ass,
I think now u would have embodied this statement in your mind,
so no further explanation needed thus we close this chapter.

Well, well.
u know what i typed this statement in 3 different parts, currently while typing this statement, i am on part two, of course u r not stupid, or are you?
No its part means i was quite busy, well actually
i wasn't busy at all.
Yeah, i am at home since 2:30 pm and am like, F.A.L.T.U since then,
am i your servant that i would translate every word for you, Google it.
Google It se Yad aya, 
have you ever heard someone saying, YAHOO it, or BING it, well i haven't at least,
lol isn't that quite a point to be noted thing,
an Optimist always says, that is the enlightened  path at the end of this blank cave, that is why u r able to see light in here,
but imagine a pessimist's reply,
Dude it ain't any F***in path, its a train. :P
tell me something i am not aware off, or would it be of, tell me people.
OMG, OMG, God please forgive the reader, he is a big sinner
and me, lol, its not that i am not a sinner, but even Satan feels coy when he is around me.

God forgive me toooooooo, i was joking, this reader is the one who makes me type all this stuff, so please, show no mercy towards the reader and throw him/her in the most:

please, i won't need a competitive sinner in hell with me.
same expression, just imagine a ganja kabutar (bald pigeon here) 
Hell se yad aya
The barber who raped my hairs, u know how much i hate him:

 below are few pictures of how i  am lookin like currently:

Ok, stop staring at me, 
I know how handsome and dashing i am
yes, i am single,
OMG you too,
no no how can i be in a relationship with you,
Oh man u aren't just letting me write, 
Ok, OK,
read where u can find me from HERE and just send me your love card,
The first one gets me. :P
Hey, don't send ur sandals through the mail
OMG, OMG, man!!! i started writing this at 2:34pm and its 12:07 currently,
no i wasn't here all the time, as stated before i wrote this in three different parts,
and this is the third and last part,
man, u know how much EIDI i collected today :4000, in a single day,
awesome isn't it, but that's the gross amount,
the net amount, that i have in my pocket is, R.S2460, 
i have so much to write but i know people don't read long posts, so i should end this,
Ok, so here i jump high up in the air, cos  60 completed atlast,
no clapping please, and no standing aviation,
please be seated let other have a glance at this beauty too,
and for my followers, 
an advice,
u should take my autograph asap cos i don't want to see u people in huge line, in future, 
yeah, i know that was too much.
and with this wonder ful staement i end my awkward and lame post,
hope it at least made you smile,
If not,
u should be human for that :P
and the statement:
"People like you are the reason people like me take pills!"
hahahhahahah, hihihihhhahahahihihihahahha
am not crazy,
but craziest
and its: