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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Just FTW, but from where i would get enough balls

Sometimes, there are way too many huddles to jump,
sometimes there are too many reasons to cry,
Sometimes life just don't moves the way u want it to move and u end up taking the wrong train and getting stuck in the middle of nowhere,
that is when, life sits in the audience and laughs on your flop act, and all u think of giving life is:

If u still need a word then its:

Well, Bullshit is not what i wanna discuss but the starting was quite admirable with those lines so, One need to do that in order to get applause.
What i wanted to connect with BULLSHIT are:
Those all so same Happy Endings,
Those all so same stories
and all that illogical magical bond of love,
Illogical, that's something which can also be connected with an OWL,
just think,
There is bird with two huge milf's boob size's eyes, and what this bird does is it keep those eyes open at night and closed in the morning,
just FTW and then rule over it,
oh, that was indeed an abusive statement, sorry, :P
Yeah so where was I,
Love stories,

or Bullshit,
That's same.

In every story, there is a girl, who is really beautiful but life is not good to her and she fantasize that one day she would be the princess and her prince would come riding on the horse and would rescue her,
and then they would get married and live a blissful life,
Happy ending,
and then music and the cast and u close the t.v and think that was a sweet movie which brought tears to your eyes, blah blah blah, and then u think of yourself as that girl,
Yeah i lost you somewhere, :P
no? then FTW and grow up :P
Just think reality,
yesterday i was in the footwear shop, and for almost half an hour i was confused with all those shoes and then when finally when i decided the shoes, I couldn't get my size in the chosen shoe,
Man that's a huge mouth, i wonder if he gives blowjobs  to elephants :P
and that was when it clicked me that WHY, it was only Cinderella's foot that fitted the shoe When it was tested on every girl's foot in that village,
and there i was sitting in that shop pondering into my deep thoughts,
don't you dare think that deep, even fishes sink die of drowning,
fishes die of drowning :P
That's some good sense of humor,
ateeq *holds his collar in pride :P
and Good sense of humor se yad aya,
( I think you can now easily translate this line :P)

so,  the question is:
Q) How many accountants would it take to change a light bulb?
ANS) Smile if you thought there was an answer to it,
Q) how many actors would it take to change a light bulb?
ANS) Only one, they are not made to share the spotlight :P
In case you r not laughing at my joke, laugh on this :D
Yeah, so where was I,
I was nowhere,
really i am not making any sense,
that's what i do,
Make no sense :P
and yeah,
I am really far away from blogging,
it's just i don't have time + any new ideas + my laptop is not feeling well and i just can't get into the mood,
I will be back soon,
and to my new followers,
GUYS!!!!! link me to your blog please, so that i could follow u back,
and am so sorry that i am not reading your posts, i am being a bad boy but soon i will be back,
This 10th grade is really a challenging one,
everyday there is a new competition, a new challenge, a new tournament that i need to win,
then i have my studies,
Gosh i am way behind in studies,
i feel the words dancing over my head, books seem filled with some crazy stuff,
maths and Add.Maths are the only subjects which seem awesome these days,
Mom's angry with my everyday indulgence in extracurricular activities and she keeps  reminding me of my studies, that's one hell scary life,
Ah scary se yad aya,
The news i read recently,
and this news is

A California woman has been arrested after authorities said she cut off her husband's penis with a kitchen knife and ground it up in a garbage disposal.
Catherine Kieu, 48, is accused of tying her sleeping husband to a bed with nylon ropes, pulling down his pants and slicing off his penis.The Garden Grove woman then took the severed penis into the kitchen, threw it into the garbage disposal and turned it on, mutilating the organ.

Should i give u a free advice,
Wear underwear with a digital lock with a password to unlock and lock it
No standing aviation, i know i am smart. :P
So this lady, the horrible women really surprised the shit out of me and now
I won't maaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyy,
for my Phallus's sake:P
Ah, these times are indeed horrible.
So what's more,
there is nothing more and i should really say BYE to u all,
and  finally :
i HOPE U ALL are having awesome lives :D