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Monday, 25 July 2011

Crease The COIL.

A men can never get two things:
  1. Extra Balls
  2. .
I thought men have two balls, so what are you looking for now :D
so, it was lame. 
Sorry for that lame start, but i have got some more great stuff left in my pocket.
So today i am gonna discourage: 
so u think u are the best???
Ok, so lets start with auspicious quote:
A men can do anything but not EVERYTHING.
I don't know who the hell said that but he was too a human but he was a smart one like me, he wasn't fishy like u all, thinking that u can easily cross any limits and boundaries and can do everything.
( tongue expression).
Here is the most idiot among your race,
just look at this idiot, who thought he could go into past.

He never make it to past, but he made it to:
the same place where u all go in the end.
What made me think that u all r idiots was the fact:
U guarantee that u can do anything, but u can't just lick ur own elbow with ur tongue. :P
What is more.
You can't touch ur last tooth with your tongue even.
Don't tell me that you tried it. IDIOT.
Wait don't leave, now i am getting serious with this thing.
What really made me hate humans,are few things that i am now tired of witnessing.
They are:
  1. YOU just CAN'T see ONE of YOUR own RACE happy. i.e JEALOUSY.
  2. YOU just NEVER except YOUR mistakes U have A habit OF blaming OTHERS.
  3. YOU lie, even THOUGH u know THAT others LIKE you HAVE emotions
  4. YOU kill, even THOUGH u KNOW its BAD.
  5. YOU love LUXURIES and DON'T care ABOUT those WHO can't AFFORD them
  6. YOU live IN the MOST beautiful PLANET in YOUR solar SYSTEM but YOU still HARM her.
  7. YOU know THAT what YOU do IS bad, BUT still YOU DON'T CARE.
That is what YOU say.
It's like all what i ahd in my pockets.
I have a request, what I just typed above seems the right thing to me but this would be the first time i want my self to be wrong, and i want u to correct me.
P.S, I am not a human any more. not that i am castrated, no but my heart turned to stone.
this would be the 'THE END' for today.