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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

don't try this nausea-stic stuff, I don't want my reader wasting time in bed.

Football is the most perverted game.
22 guys run after a single ball, in SHORTS, and when they get it, all they do is kick its 'ASS', as hard as possible.
WHAT!!! u never thought that.
But I did, oh cuz i am smart.
So before i really start boasting  about me lets get started with what today i have in my pocket.
OH MAN! damn it! I am wearing shorts without pockets. :P
Ok, now that  wasn't lame.
SO, Today, i wasn't really in the typical 'Blogging' mood, but when i switched my laptop on, i wasn't in the mood to avoid blogging.

 So, do you know that a strong guy, in a fight would always go for a direct kill
a strong women, would always visit a nearby saloon first.
Now that wasn't lame.
Yup it wasn't lame, cuz it wasn't a joke but a fact.
Today i had a real tough day, OMG, and u won't believe me but i took 3 cups of coffee, while writing this, and i dare not to ask my sis for one more, cuz i really don't want the cup to be smashed on my had.
Today, i had to go to my institute at 5, then when finally i got free at 8, i heard that the road that usually i take to ride home was blocked.
When i inquired a guy, he said since 7:30 pm, it is like jammed from every side, A No Way Out, kinda thing.
What's more, i had to wait for my sis outside her coaching for almost 27 minutes, i wasn't alone, i had  the-moronic-kind-girl-with-extra-noisy-voice-and-too-many-blackheads-and-was-among-those-who-murder-all-your-brain-cells-and-cooks-them-for-dinner, she wasn't my friend, but my sister's friend and for few days we were dropping her. So my lethargic, lazy and damn lazy sister came 27 minutes late, and thank god, she wasn't late for a few more minutes, other wise i would have booked her friend to hell.
Lucky me, i found her x-ray, in her bag.
Now, just imagine sitting with this kind of creature for almost half an hour, u just can't feel my pain and all she was saying was, blaablaablaablaablaa,jsfbnsfbsjfdbdivbdkjfbd;veubnfvkjdbnfvujdbn dvjebv.
Did u got that? yup, i just can't make a single word out of them.
Just imagine, and as if this wasn't much, it took us 2 hours and 43 minutes, exactly to get home, and for almost 2 hours and 15 minutes we were tasting carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and all the other scientific bad gasses.
Except for this one.
I don't know whether it was in the air but even if it had been in the air, it is so weak compared to the others.
After, what happened with me today i at least got one thing straight in my mind and now it is locked there forever.
When luck plays bad with you, its awful and impossible to get away without crying.
Cuz, as if that wasn,t enough we had only 2 CNG points left and obviously because of this we were not allowed to switch the A.C on.
Yes, i too got one now.
This is called the extreme bad luck, and now i am in my bed, with laptop in my hand, migraine pain in my head, my nose is like red as tomato and now am playing basketball with the tissue and dustbin.
I am like upside down today, but at least i am thankful to god that we made it to home safely.
When we got home i was in my worst temper but thanks to bloggert i am quite good now, at least i maintained my record of posting five consecutive blogs in five days, cheers for that.
Thankyou, for the 7th time for following my Pathetic Blog
P.S pathetic blog is an oxymoron.
That would be all for today, cuz i really need a sleep so that i can wake up back tomorrow.

That is all folks, see ya soon.

Thank you for wasting your time at this page.


Hamza Bin Ladin said...

You have been awarded at my Blog!!!!
Go check it out.
Your number is (30)


Mishi said...

hahahaha nah i dint waste ma time..i kindda enjoyed my visit here..thankz for dropping by my page, it gave me a chance to visit your page:-)

ateeq mughal said...

:D, thank you so much....

Nostalgic said...

Oh, a humorous post! Sister's friends cud be so annoying, no? I know those blah-blah people who chew your brain like anything!

Thanks for dropping by on my blog..

Following you now :)

Anonymous said...

Haaahaahhaa I can so relate to this post and I sooo feel for you. :p
Ughh I know waiting sucks and even more when you've got a bad company sitting beside you. I usually roam around the place and explore. :p That's how you could've avoided her.
Lol epic description of that girl and how you were booking her to hell. Poor soul.
and exactlllyyyy traffic jams can be a headache when you've no good CNG in your car.
Awesome post by an awesome guy.
and I shall be thanking you instead. I shall thank God for leading me towards your blog. I'm so lucky to follow you and I mean it. :] ilyyyyyouu

Anonymous said...

Cheers for 16 followers. Yayyy I'm so happy for you. I swear, one day you'll be a big name like Hamza or perhaps you'll have to turn your blog into a celeb blog. I must say, very Unlucky are those who're still missing on those stuff in your pocket.
Btw, am I your good luck charm?

ateeq mughal said...

@Danneiia:, i feel giving u a big big party.
thank you, many bear huggs to you
and hell yes u r my good luck charm, since when u got here i have been getting followers..:D
and i hope ur wish comes true soon.
u will be the first i will be giving party to, when my blog turns celeb blog. :D
i just don't have words to thank you..:D

ateeq mughal said...

u just don't that hair brained, i just don't know whether she was a girl, thank you, thank ou thankyou, for following my blog

Anonymous said...

Hehehe Yayy can't wait for the big partyyyyyy. Awwieee. That's the least I could do :]

Maham said...

hahaha I pity your sister.and what if her friends reads all this ..youll be dead,like seriously DEAD!
Nicely done :)

Faraz Ezazi said...

Your posts are really humourous.
wish i could write like you

ateeq mughal said...

@maham, my stupid sister, her stupid friends, my friends, no one reads it...except for the sweet 16 followers.
@faraz, lol, i am like flying in the sky after that remarkable compliment.

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

@Faraz, make good friends to be like Ateeq.

ateeq mughal said...

foran free hogaye @hamza
@faraz never take life seriously...:P