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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Blah Blah Blah.

Its been a habit now, that i start with cracking 'hillariouly lame' joke,
i don't know what would happen when my jokes would come to an end, maybe i would crack my 'brains' instead. :P
Hope u got the brains.
yes, I Know That.
Man, i really need a therapy or plastic surgery or to be exact a bigger face, cuz the curve that started to grow a few days back is like overgrowing in size every time i sneak at my blog, and mostly its cuz of this girl named
sorry, but you are mostly to be Blamed. :D
Her comments are so, like a recreational thing for me, that i can't stop my self from smiling.
Cat from China :P

So, before u guys think that I am FLIRTING, lets just add a full stop to this thing here.
OMG, some 'kamina', kat gaya my pockets. :P
You Know what that means?
Some one just robbed my ideas. :/
No problem, i told ya i am smart, like Pathans i have got a pocket near my belt. :P
Its kinda hillarious, when they are like standing somewhere and all of a sudden they would grab there kurta,and then from the pocket in shalwar they would take the money out, but would first unzip it :D
It once happened that i was like standing at Mc Donald, and behind me was standing a pathan, and then suddenly he grabbed his kurta and unzipped the pocket, behind him were some gora people and they started to laugh, just to cheer them up a bit more, i said to that pathan.
"I am not that type of guy".
Pathan was shocked and I rocked.
Oi, i forgot, if any one among u is a pathan, nothing personal, cuz my own mom is a one. :P

now this is great, learn it by heart.
OMG, hell awesoe, got my pocket stuff bank.
So today i wanted so to share the description of a bank manager.
The most awkward, Hilarious and ajeeb si dressing i have ever seen.
This guy was almost 40, with the charli chaplan type mustaches and haires were like mixture of white and black.
he had a face with extra cream or i don't what was it (maybe his wife's cosmetic stuff) stuffed all over him except for his eyes, that was too awkward, cuz dark spots and that white cream, YUK.
before moving further:
Read at your own risk, it might give u a headache or something terrible, so i won't be responsible if u filled ur P.C or Laptop with the yellow liquid, with soluble food particles and a nose-hair burning smell, so called VOMIT.
He was wearing a grey coat, a bright green shirt and a bright red tie with yellow spots on it.
His pant color was like something similar  to peach and had black stripes all over it, he wore a black belt and fawn colored shoes with dull brown socks.
Indeed, he wasn't looking like a manager but a wholesome Clown.
He was surely one of his own kind. :P

Oh, SORRY Mr Clown, i never meant insulting u.
So what's more,
I read my horoscope today it said:
"keep ur eyes on the ball, and live the moment till the end".
Statement sounds like it has been taken from a movie.
So, i thought maybe i would get some task or anything else, but so unfortunate of me, it was a real ball a shot-put ball, which was thrown by my sister towards me and i never say it and that ball crashed my balls.
OUCH..!!!damn it u bitch, was all i maintained to say before crying out so loud that even our neighbors came to their windows.

A fully metal made ball which weighs almost half kg.
There is no girl who can :P
So this would be all for today, cuz its almost 12:30 and i can hear my mom shouting,
and yea mee i got an award today, which i am gonna show to you guys tomorrow, Insha-Allah.
Take care, see ya soon.
shouts of HEY, ISLY to my brand new awesome followers:

  1. Areeba Zaidi
  2. Nostalgic 
  3. Mishi 
How can i forget you guys, now its officially 'the end'   which means:


Anonymous said...

Eeeeeeppppp I too need some plastic surgery because of this enormous curve put by youuuu :] *widest smile ever...but can lead to the formation of wrinkles and so I now need to borrow the bank manager's cream.* Woah pure torment. How could you bear all of them in one day? You're tough I believe. I really do imagine your plight. :p
It's such an honor to have my name in your post. *dies*

Hamza Bin Ladin said...


Hamza Bin Ladin said...

*Reads Daaneiia's comments on the previous post(s) and dies*

Anonymous said...

*Reads Hamza's comment here and wonders*

Hhahaa why?

Anonymous said...

Wait I got it :p

ateeq mughal said...

reads all the comments up here and laughs out so loud, mamu shouts "tabiat theek he ateeq?"
hahahaha, hamza (wink).

Nostalgic said...

Too much humor in one post :p
If i were you, i must have ROFL'ed after seeing the clown-cum-bank-manager uncle :p i just cannot refrain from cracking aloud on such fashion disasters :D

ateeq mughal said...


Hamza Bin Ladin said...

*Thumps up*

Anonymous said...

Heehehe double thumbs Up :p

Mishi said...

Youkhs! that was Hilarious !

Its fun reading your reads..em glad I joined your page..:-)

ateeq mughal said...

am glad to have a follower like u :D