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Friday, 29 July 2011

That was end of season 1

I was born with a silver spoon,
yeah, its a truth
The nurse took me for a bath, brought me back.
My mom took me in her arms but was surprised to see that my silver spoon was nowhere to be seen.
My mom complained about it,
I never got my spoon back, but that was a moment when i knew that.
'I was born in Pakistan'.
YEAH, right.

LOL, i thought i would write a serious stuff today but its just i can't.
So the thing i want to be serious about is:
I Think this post might be my last Summer post.
yup, that's right cos I would be damn busy the next two days, 
cos from Monday:
I can cry more than that..
  So i am not gonna bore u up with about my school thing, no worries,
but i have got some important things to share rather than sticking on this boredom stuff.
This Summer wasn't good nor it was bad but it was 
If someone asks me to describe my life these days, i would draw this picture.
Now as there are always two single asses making a whole ass, likewise there are always two sides.
so firstly why this summer was unpredictable on the dark side.
Firstly the most saddest thing happened to me,
My parents got separated,, yeah it was so bad, so bad so bad, that i just can't explain
24th may, the worst day when my family quarrels reached to their extreme and my parents decided it was enough now.
It was the first time i cried for something that much
Exactly same. :(
Why in the world i am getting u bored...i should leave it here cos i am in no mood to cry again, but i am glad that few days back i recieved a call from my dad but he never mentioned any thing that "every thing would be alright" or something like that. A Pity.
urghhhhhhhhhh, leave it......
so what's more.
so what's more
we moved to "Gulshan-e-Maymar".
that is bad, so bad i should call it as 'One of the worst things of my life'.
What is so worst about it?
Everything, i am living in a forest,  yeah, i can make that Tarzan's sound too, yeah all day long either am on fir, juniper, or coconut trees, swinging with monkeys.
They are spoiling me.

Ok that was too much.
But, some how it is like that, well i would say.
I am not living in Karachi.
And as Hamza once said that "we are the people increasing the area of Karachi. :P
So these two would be enough to explain how unpredictable holidays were on the bad side.
There is i think no need to cook your brain up that why these holidays were unpredictable on the good side,
u all know that, because i found u all and i started blogging.
Before u turn into this, i should really shut the hell up.
I forgot the most importan tpart i just got two awards ..
a cup of coffee from Copper Cattle  to all of you, but all u would need to do is to pay for yours.

So cool na?
yah, they are 
and the one who awarded me with them is cooler than these awards
any guesses
For god sake, this is no any prize distribution.
Ok man, so the name of that person is:
Hamza bin Laden.
If u r not following him yet.
What the hell were u doing uptil now, u haven't met the king here. :D
My ass less pal Hamza, i just have any thing except for these plastic asses to gift you.
 This would be all for today i think...
shouts of hey ISLY to my brand new awesome fan:
  1. Maryam.
that would be all now:
The end
I Will be back soon in 1 week time. :D
love u all


Anonymous said...

Oh man. I feel reallly sorry for your parent's separation. It's okay, keep your faith strong, you'll see the Sun soon. I mean plainly, everything will be fine again. :]
And hey, I'm the one living in the jungle. Not youu. I live beside the lakes, under the trees with all types of birds and pigs. Ewo. Come by, and you'll know it. :p
And one week's way too long. I'd really miss youuuuu :[
and lucky, my school's opening on the 4th. Wishing you the very best of luck <3 and and and say hi to your friends from Meeee :p

Anonymous said...

P.s: Epic pictures. Where do you get all of 'em from?

ateeq mughal said...

@daaneeiia: i bet i am living in jungle.
u just don't know this shit. :P
and i google the pictures :P

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm the one living in the town, in the suburbs of khi. You just don't know this shit :p
woah google's good then.

Faryal Hasan said...

Very realistic blog.
Firstly, I reside in Gulshan-e-Maymar too, so shut it. :P
Oh and, you are a strong guy! :)

Fatimaa.S said...

Sorry about your parent's separation. But I think it's better. At least you wouldn't have to go through the same drama everday! Gulshan-e-maymar I don't even know where it is :P Hehe. Anyway, Nice blog :D Good luck for school :P

Ezazi said...

OMG i feel so, so, so terribly, terribly sad about your parents' separation. Believe me I understand, trust me, God'll pull you through it, Inshallah.

And heyyy, Maymar's not bad! I like the silence & peace there. =D

Just not the jungles, yeah. ;(

Also, you deserve the awards! Hope you have a great year ahead. =)

ateeq mughal said...

@faryal, u live in maymar and still think its a gud place :P
lol yeah cuz i am a guy and i mostly like outdoor life.
P.s do u play with those monkeys. :D
@Ezazi, thanks for those hopes,
and thanx for everything
@ fatima hahaha, it would still take ten years for maymar to establish itself.

ateeq mughal said...

@daaneiia, aap eisey nai mano gi :P

Anonymous said...

Haanh nahi manoon gi :p

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

You deserved it.

ateeq mughal said...

@daaneiia mein aap ko manwa k hi rahun ga