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Sunday, 10 July 2011

When The Sky Gets Clear.

the best part of my life is, i had a child hood. not just i had to eat, drink, play and change my diapers, but because i never did the eating and diaper changing myself. Either mom or dad, would hang around me to do my stuff. Its like " no responsibility zone" of life.
Well, am not gonna dry u up with some general things every one experiences in childhood, bt am gonna try  that when this ends u leave at least smiling.  I'm gonna tell u some fantasies i dream today but when i was kiddo i already fulfilled them without knowing it. :@
The first thing i really love about my childhood is, i attracted girls towards me, wow, cuz i was like too chubby wubby  with !! urgh am not gona just tell how i was, see the picture below or u will think i am boasting off. :D
(am on left, obviously.) doesn't it looks as male snow white :D 

 hmm, so the girls would like grab me, cuddle me in their arms, and kiss me, hug me and the best part:
they would fight for me and i would fight to get rid of them, but in the end they would leave me helpless at my mom's hand, my face covered with lipsticks  an then she would wipe them off.

Now,  i wonder, man how stupid i was, i should have enjoyed those moments, darn, cuz who wud kiss me now herself :D,  not a chance. :(
there is only one thing to say here:
"WTFishy thing i did".
its enough with the kissy thing, lol, i do have much left.
Being a kiddo the highest place to ever reach were me father's shoulders, they seemed so damn high to me, that i won't stop crying while sitting on them, but there was my dad always easing me up, and like cheering me up sayin : common its just nothing for my son, he is so brave and all, and i would like feel much safer and better than.
Now, it just make burst forth, that how child  i was, but what about my current situation, there are many obstacles to cross, many heights to reach, but how would i go through all obstacles and huddles by myself, How? i really don't know, but  i know one thing:
"Life is sometimes so crazy that, I feel killing it". :)
moving further, whats a toughest job these days:
to me, Its to carry my school bag, over flooding with almost 20 things to study, and even if 1 gets left at home, am doomed, i would turn into the most out-standing boy of the class ;D.
but,  carrying my feeder to bed was like, doing weight lifting stuff :D, and i would get tired as hell after doing so. and i would sleep like:
sleeping beast :D
lol, am so horrible, only while sleeping, so where was I, yup i was saying k like, carrying feeder was a burden, and now i can carry almost hundreds of them, bt there is nothing to gain,
wow, i just had an idea, i can like start collecting these stuff from roads, and shout:
in native language: " raddi paper waley. :D
in English: "garbage collector, here".
i would earn atleast a few Rs.100s per month. :D
The most horrible part of being oldie is, U NEED TO WAKE UP AT 6:00 A.M, ahhhh, thats horrible, so horrible, so horrible, so horrible that i can type it a 1000 times, cuz my computer offers me a cut and paste option. :D
and when i was kiddo, i was allowed to sleep as long as i wished, and every one thought of it as nourishment.
there was nothing scarier than blank nights, and the most secure place were my mother's arms. So secure that every bit of evil seemed nothing while i was in them.
there is nothing beautiful as the love btween a mother and child.
I never had to worry about what to wear, at certain places, unlike now, i have to stand in towel, in front of my closet for almost an hour before my mother shouts and tells me what to wear.
hit one more time, and wall is gonna invite me in. :D
There were no Mondays and Fridays and Sundays, every day a carbon copy of other, with all the same activities. There were no punishments, instead, whenever i didd a stupid thing every one enjoyed it as i have done something brilliant, but now, even if i crack a joke every one would ask "should we laugh".
stupids. :P
On the whole, my childhood was, is and would always be an incomparable part of my life.
The era of my life which was filled  only with innocence and an aura of protection around me.
The era of life where i had nothing to gain and nothing to loose.
I wish u enjoyed reading some flash backs of my life.


Hamza Bin Ladin said...

Loved reading. And this post kinda makes me nostalgic. The good old days when our life's greatest achievements were been able to use a commode or been able to drink milk from a cup. Haha. I want 2 be a kid once more. :D

ateeq mughal said...

me too, i even bought a feeder :P

Bluezy said...

I love seeing family photos.

Maham said...

awwwiee..such a adventurous childood youv had :P

ateeq mughal said...

yeah, truley.

ateeq mughal said...


Afshan Hussain said...

i loved your confidence pal!!! good work ..u just got urself a fan! :)

ateeq mughal said...

and u got ur self a whole bunch of wishes from my heart.
thank you