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Saturday, 2 July 2011

exclusively for me: From ANARCHY To HIERARCHY

Why don't i have a 'tag my friend' button in
t cuz i have to dedicate this blog to my two students,( lol, students, sounds gud to be a teacher), haha, this is also a tribute to a virtuous mind, to a great philosopher who have inspired me from within, in his words "INSPIRED ME FROM WITHIN".
AND, this is also to say thank you to the person who is the formal cause of this write up.
It all started with me buying the book Sophie's world, from a shop. Not to mention how hard was it for me to hunt this 'New York Times best seller' book.
 if i say three things about it, i would say:
  1. A Page Turner
  2. Ingenious work 
  3. One of its kind
Before going further, a little about book:
as i have mentioned its attributes, let me tell you why i am too crazy about it,
It is because its based on the history of philosophy. From DEMOCRITUS TO SOCRATES, FROM DESCARTES TO SPINOZA & From B.C TO the end of 2Oth Century.
moreover rather being just history, it is crafted with mystery and adventure so it would be better to call it a 
"Short course of Philosophy".
NOTE: i wont discuss the STORY, its better if u read it ur self. YOU will have fun reading it.
Now back to my dedication, tribute and thank you :)
I dedicate this blog to my two students:

These two 'alien looking' guys are my students, (lol again), who studied philosophy under me. hahahahahah
merely, anything so called philosophy, because all i did ask them were some philosophical questions, and made their brains total mess, worst than my closet, and guys am sorry for that, but the answers you guys sent were quite exciting although they had stupidity sprinkled over them. and then, i had to type the correct answers and sent them back to you, but in the end, thanks a lot for taking my questions serious cuz except u every other person thought am hair brained as my pic shows:
Hair Brained GAY :P

now moving forward to the tribute,
well, u may have had a guess whom the tribute goes to, yeah to the writer of the book.
(read it like when they announce name in WWE)

Well, sir.I am a great fan of your book and mostly you, because u r the one to whom it belongs, you just dont know how much i am attached to it and this little, ill-managed write up is like from deep within my heart, from the real core of my heart, for you, i just wana tell you that, since i have read the book i have like experienced a change in my perception, a change in my soul, in my theses,and u have inspired me too much that like Sophie Amundsen, i have too 'cleaned my closet',
but when my mom saw me doing the cleaning stuff, she nearly fainted, and when she learned the cause she bought me a book as a present by Sidney Sheldon. :P
P.S she thinks i might learn more lessons from it, haha, i mean he is master of passion and lust what would i learn from him :)
now only one person remains, to be formal, Last but not the Least, the one who suggested me to read the book, well she is an awesome  person, with a brilliant mind and one of the best females, my teacher 
I am too grateful to your suggestion, and all i can say is thank you, 

Well, now am relieved, but before saying good bye, i really wanna suggest you to read this book, whether u don't usually read books, but this one will itself make you turn the pages.
I am really glad that I read it, cuz frankly saying it turned my life 
in the end i would just add a quote to make it a complete write up, and it goes

"Give me a firm place to stand and i will move the earth".


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I bought the book nd have tried to read it six times nd everytime i ended up throwing the book nd this is my first time coz i love reading books nd finish them even if they r boring but this book is soooo