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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Loops resolving on the other hand.

he saw himself flying above the clouds, witnessing the highest height and observing the most alluring mise en scène before him, the sight was s admirable, so pleasant and so appealing that he wished to remain there forever. To have a more realistic feeling, he closed his eyes, experienced his every cell feeling the texture of air, recreating itself, but the mirth was short timed and suddenly he felt everything shaking beneath him as someone was intentionally doing so. He was still comprehending what was happening, everything went blank. he ran his eyes everywhere but saw nothing, but a moment later he saw what was coming.

At a distance he saw a monstrous storm accelerating in his direction, it seemed as if the storm was outrageous, somehow it was coming to take him down. he went numb, felt as his end was near, but as this wasnt enough he felt as someone was dragging him down, and abruptly the force went dead, so was the storm bt stil all was black, now he was falling, in an unknown direction, like wildfire. his heart was beating so fast that he thought that at any time it would bounce out of his mouth. the fear made him close his eyes, he shut them hard enough that the crushing wind could no longer hurt them.
He could feel the nearness to the ground, the increase in gravity explained it that he was too close now, but as he came an inch near to ground..........................with a sudden he jump out of his bed.
As usual it was one of the horrible nightmare he daily had, whch nearly gave him a heart attack,
he was sittin on his bed, blank and numb, like a psycho. slowly slowly everything came back to him, bt he was shivering like he had just saw a ghost and his clothes were soaked with sweat, he was as thirsty as a man in desert, but when he stud up he was walking like a newborn.
he went to a nearby water container and drank half of the whole water, the old broken wall clock showed it was something after 3 a.m, and every one in the cell was asleep. It had always bothered him, that how could they sleep so calmly in the prison, when their inner peace was offended and destroyed, dont they regret anything, but it wasn't his business.  he filled himself another glass and walked to the door of the cell, the door locked over him ages ago, the door that conjured him in pity of nothing and made him something he regretted the most and sat beside the bars guarding it. Tears filled his eyes but he fought them, and went back to his nightmares.
His name was Pakistan, born on 14th august 1947, bringing with him a beacon of hope for Muslims, providing them an identity and all they needed to establish themselves on the globe, maybe it was his crime, he was suffering for. but why?......there was no answer to this question. May be.........and there were far more possibilities.
he was 64, older than many of his cohorts in prison, bt when he used to sit among his aged partners, he looked like a 1000 years old dead man walking, his of skin, nerves and bones were the only parts whch were present in his body, there was no flesh in him. his face looked like a skull placed over shoulders. on the whole, he looked like Frankenstein's bride. he wasn't like this always, in his past, he was an aristocratic man, a man every one admired. He was frm a family of the most enlightened minds, direct descendant of M.Ali Jinnah, Dr.Allama Iqbal, Sir Syed Ahmed khan, Agha khan and so on the list had infinite names.
like his elders, Pakistan possessed the best of all qualities, he had willingly taken over the mission of his elders:
"HUMANITY TO MUSLIMS". whch had lead him behind the bars. the world's custom of greed had turned him down. with no way out.
All his life he had endured the pain no one could endure, beard the immorality, abhorrent and viscious behavior of people and  suffered the unprincipled laws  of the people. to be precise devils.
Happiness had never knocked on the doors of his life, it had never shed its blessing over him. All his life he had done gud but the repay had always been nothing better than the curse and anathema frm the other side.
To fulfill this this promise, he had sworn himself to Muslims, providing them with :
Food, shelter, fertile land to plant crops that are barely grown in countries, mountains filled with limestone, graphite and marbles, ranges over flooding salt, rivers with the best fishes, area landlocked from three sides and a sea on one side and the list would go on and on and on, bt the human feature named GREED had ruined his cause, it destroyed his mission and led his own ones over rule him and turn against him. they never realized how and what it felt to Pakistan.
As if this wasn't enough, the powerful  devils captured him, without any reason and dominated his rights and fortune, throwin him in the prison, in a 4 by 4 room, so dark u cant even tell where your hands are.
soon, the greed led the devils outside, sell Pakistan's assets as if they belonged to them.
Pakistan had always taught them democracy, as he taught them what Abraham Lincoln said " As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master. This expresses my idea of democracy".
But they had adapted the exact opposite setting it as "u r powerful so u r my master, and am weak so am ur slave".
it was all better for powerful ones as the 'status quo' had always remained at their side, all they needed to do was pull the curtains down study the game wisely and change its course.
May be it was, why Pakistan had to suffer. he thought too much for his people, he was too magnanimous to those who had magniloquence stitched into their hearts and because he never let them down.
He had always taught his people about the importance of unity, faith and discipline and had always advised them to adapt these qualities, bt they were not concerned abt prosperity and peace but all they wanted was success. There deafness towards his words and blindness towards his teachings had led them suffer beneath the shoes of powerful ones.
Ever since Pakistan was thrown behind the bars, he had no hope of getting out of it, but still he had never cursed his people, he had always prayed for their better and for their bright future.
He wasn't living to live, but he was waiting for his death, whch would free him frm his disclose his soul frm the pain it was congealed into, it would brng him his 'internal peace' back and wud set him free from his responsibilities. to be precise, he awaited for 14th of august 2011 impatiently, as impatient as a hungry infant, the day when he wud be hanged to death. he wud die the same day when he was born
worst of it, it was just one day ahead, tonight he wud sleep for the last time witnessing nightmares, one more day in prison, one more incomplete dream and then he wud be gone.
as the law states that when a man is to be hanged, he is given a last wish, but Pakistan was given nothing,
an unlawful and unprincipled act, said by some prisoners.
The day went the same, with same rotten food and with some chit chat with his fellow prisoners, at night they all said their farewells and went to their beds.
Pakistan offered his last prayers. for a long time he kept sobbing and prayed to god for the best of his people and prayed god to bestow his kindness and mercy over them.
 after his prayers he went to sleep, somehow he felt calm today, he felt as something heavy was lifted away from his shoulders, he could feel how light the air around him was and it made him sleep, earlier than he had ever gone to sleep.
the dream nightmare started the same way, he was on the clouds witnessing the satisfaction attained from freedom. Similarly all the scenes were same, then there he was falling in the same unknown direction at gigantic speed,  but the nightmare turned to dream when while falling he thought someone had lifted him in his hands then the darkness started to fade away, and the world began to absorb colors. the hand holding onto hi was white and below him he could see the crowd of people cheering and saying something bt he couldnt get the words, the hand holding him took him down and placed him on the ground, just then the guards woke hi up.
he was totally bugged out, and couldnt make up the images he was seeing , it was like fog had surrounded him
bt the tight slap of the guard got him back to his feet, at once.
the guards ordered him to move, and so he did, he could see his fellow prisoners waving him goodbye, he bowed his shoulders and started walking.
soon he was out in the ground, it was around 6:00 am, the sun was partially in view, the clouds were covering the sky,

 At a distance of 90 yards he could see news channels frm around the globe gathered and were getting their cams ready to cover the whole story. they all started to gather around him when they saw him coming bt the guards blocked them, the took his snaps, he wasnt listening bt they were throwing their question over him.
after walking alittle bit further he saw the place where he was to be hanged, he climbed the stairs, the hangman waited for him with a black clothin his hand and loop of the rope in other. Pakistan quietly went over to him, wore the mask and let the loop to be tied on his neck, then the hangman went to the liver which wud drop Pakista down, breaking his backbone and causing death, the hangman waited for the officials standing on the ground for signal, they all shared a look and gave the yes signal, the hangman turned towards the lever, bt then they all felt the earth shaking beneath them, they all got confused and started to luk at each other. then they heared shouts and screams outside the prison, every eye in the ground stared the door for moment. then, the screams stop for a moment, evry one went bewildered wbt what was happening it was so bizarre. then it came like storm, the door of the prison collapsed and people dressed in white clothes appeared in, they were countless and all white, they were searching something, then a voice called, "hey Pakistan is over there".
Like the spark of lightning they all ran towards Pakistan killing every one who came in the way, few men went up, cut the ropes of grabbed Pakistan and ran outside, others followed them behind.
the ground whch was few minutes before filled with crowd, now luked as a battle arena, filled with dead bodies and injured ones, few survived the storm, no one was aware of what just happened, bt when the storm died, the ones who survived could hear the cheers frm a  distance, the words were crystal clear and they were   claiming


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