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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Bees on my honey. urghhh

to read this post u might need:
  1. an empty basket, (in case u vomit)
  2. a  tissue box, (to clean the mess) and
  3. a glass of water (to clean the mess within)

"read at your own risk".
I might have surprised a hell out of you.
You might be thinking WTF u would be reading
so today you would be reading: 
I bet u would have said WTF but its not a normal bus ride i am gonna talk about, neither the bus was normal, nor was i when i stepped out of it.
Here is the bus i traveled on,
oh, sorry, i added the pic of what was the first thing i did after getting out of it.
here it is, :O
 The first u would have said would again be 'WTF'.
Its what i said, when i saw it coming.
lets skip the part of how i got into it and how lucky i was to get a set by the window in it, lets move to the creepiest and the part which would bring u nausea: 
hihihahahahahah !!!
It started with me, stepping into that shit, it was like my
'worst Nightmare'. 
There were like 32 seats in the bus (according to my count) and the people in it were 47 including me (according to my count).
That means 32 the most luckiest one were seated and 15 unfortunate had to stand, and those included me, but my luck abhor it and after five minutes of standing i got a seat beside window, wow i thought it would be awesome now, but it wasn't as predictable as i thought it to be.
So here the story started, the seat next to me was vacant and i was hoping an amiable  guy to occupy it, but instead a gloomy guy, wearing a dress which was so baggy that i couldn't tell from where it started and where it ended occupied the place and the man was nuts, i.e Pathan.
its only metaphorically used, i really don't mean it. so nothing personal.
That pathan was looking a real extremist with a long beard and long mustaches and a turban that was so huge i wonder how he kept it in his place.
The worst part, he had a bag and i was really afraid if he was carrying a bomb in it, and i was like hardly thinking anything.
the odour whch came from him nearly burned my nose hairs, it was so bad so bad, that i feel asking him: 
'Have u taken an oath of never getting a bath'.
all i have to say after this :
At every bounce the bus gave, he used to jump over me, and this really haunted me cuz i have heard a lot of stories about pathans being homos and i was afraid that he might sexually abuse me, so i kept my bag between us.
I don't know whether he was habitual of it but after every five minutes interval he used to unwrap a packet he was carrying in hand and would take a pinch of that thing and then set it in his jaw. I was quite sure that it was NASWAR and the odour was so irritating  that i had a migraine when i got off the bus, but the most disgusting part was, he spitted the naswar out from my window, and i could feel drops of his saliva touching me, yyyyyyyyyyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuukkkkkkkkkk but still i kept silent.
I so hate you...u disgust
I don't know how i sat patiently in that shit with that shit but my cell phone and headphones are two angelic inventions that saved my life, headphones for sure kept my tune steady and cell phone, cuz i typed this article sitting in a bus and this also a disgusting that this "AKHROT", was continuously staring at my cell while i was writing, i know for sure that he never understood a single word cuz:
  1.  he would have killed me and 
  2. his expressions were that of Bella: 'Total Blank."
Sorry for that compliment, but u do look blank.

yeah it is me, wow i survived.

U won't belive but i did the same thing after burning the bus :P, i felt live after that, it was like even the traffic seemed good to me.
That ride was truly unpredictable and was the most creepiest ride i have ever taken in my life.
I was deadly sick in the past two days, thats why i wasn't blogging, but now i am back and i promise i won't get near to a bus or a pathan any more.
I even took the oath recently.
I hope u never used that basket and tissue while reading the blog, and hope it went as creepy as possible.
Be happy and don't use public transport, ENJOY, cheers.


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