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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Just see, who the hell is here :P

U would see this on your blog list and two possible reactions:
u would

scream frenziedly,
so hard that ur lungs would blow out of your nose, and then they would hang there, 
one on each,
and the like children swallow there mucus into there pharynx u would swallow your lungs back,
after that u would scream again, this time a bit carefully and would say:
"Yeah the Boredom Butcher is back, OMG OMG OMG, 
Finally, there would be something good to read."
In case if the reader is a guy, he would rip his shirt apart and then run all over the city like a mad dog and then die panting,
yeah, i am evil for guys, mwahahahhaha

 wait, wait wait,
EVIL FOR GUYS se yad aya:
EVIL FOR GUYS, gonna tell u a joke here,
 (goron tum log sudhar jao warna ham tum mein itney ched kareinge itney ched kareinge k tum confuse hojao gey k sans kaha se lein or padein kahan se)
its not meant to be translated, so here is the joke:
A lion was chasing a rabbit in the forest, suddenly a fairy appeared and stopped them both,
the fairy said  "u both have three wises to ask me for, and i am gonna fulfill them".
the lion asked to turn all the male lions of this jungle to male
the rabbit asked for a helmet
then, the lion again asked to turn all the male lions of the world into females
the rabbit asked for a bike
in his last wish lion asked that he should be the only male lion of the world,
the rabbit asked fairy to make lion gay.
yikes, his nose is just like a phallus after workin out :P
sorry for that lame caption,
So where the hell was I,
yeah, the second reaction:
cos i really don't make sense :P
so u don't care.

Ah, how clairvoyance of me
Yeah it does seems as if i have returned from death,
imagine a guy who spends all his time on internet, the international sign and the patron of globalization,
the guy whose day starts with switching his laptop on and the day ends when finally the laptop says
"fuck off u moron".
and then a day comes when he is to switch everything off, shut his life down for three whole weeks,
ahhhhhhh, even the thought of it gives me adrenaline rushes.
But indeed i spent three weeks without fb, without blogger, without youtube and even without my cell phone,
yea, a pity it was baldy aunt

and now i ram finally back
hell yeah,
Exams are over but still the aroma of tension is all around me, yeah result is still there to come and i have gotta news tat would blow your head off, that would leave u shocked and the news is:
'i got 20 out of 50 in English exam that means that i failed to pass in it'.
and u know that when i heard the news i prayed for an earthquake, not a devastating one, i am not anti-human, but for a personal one that would just engulf me 
and would hurt no one, that would only kill me but then i controlled my emotions and suggested my inner voice to calm down, cos no need to visit hell so soon.
And don't u dare tell me that i am not going to hell, i am going there and u r coming with me, :P
u had a expression like this don't you
Amazing, ain't I,
wait, wait, wait,
Amazing se yad aya,
a new version of The poem Jack and Jill, the nursery rhyme i learnt when i was a kid,
Wow i was a kid once,
so the poem is:
'Jack and Jill, went up the hill
to fetch a pail of water
god knows well what they did there 
they came down with a daughter. 
U won't have had laughed so much on this, 
cos i didn't either
but who knows if u r nuts.
ah, i feel good, relaxed,
Wait wait wait,
relaxed se yad aya:
Starving and 
starving could be turned into a hilarious joke, if u would read the following with brain,
NOTE: not brains :P
Now i laughed really hard on this one.
ahh, my life, is not a good example for youngsters, 
Plz if you are 16 avoid being here and if u r female,  just avoid it seriously, i don't want girls all over me. :P
I just can't live without these small small exaggerations.
Ahh, the sad part,
its the end now,
i just wat to keep on writing but, then i have to keep something for the nest time,
and i am so sorry i didn't read ur posts in these three weeks but i promise i am gonna read all of yours new posts in few days,
Areesha and Ovais i just can't thank you enough for so awesome awards, they really mean a huge thing for me.
and before going, i have a small tribute for Mr.Steve Jobs, i don't really need to introduce a guy who made billions with an apple only and one stupid guy who knew how to make people empty their pockets,
here it is:
High five to the one who gets to see the real tribute in this image.
Bye everyone, 
Take care, 
i love you all for not leaving me and my stupid page it really means a lot to me.


Hamza Bin Ladin said...


"tut tut"

You failed in ENGLISH? Oh, I feel for you. And WELCOME BACK.

Rosette Princess said...

hahahah awwww Welcome Back!! :D
good to know u'd be posting again :P

btw dafa karo yaar english bhi koi parhnay wali cheez hai?? :D lolx

Daniyal Arain said...

You Fail at English.

Congratulations You've just passed the Exam of Being a very Dheet Pakistani.

You'll soon be awarded with a ...Melon.

But I was wondering myself.

There once was a Fire-watcher -
Whose name was Boredom Butcher

Lame. :P

I was wondering myself that I haven't seen the face of that RED blog with a big banner that has a scary thing @_@.

Seriously. you should consider changing your banner. it'll be cool Even if you make a "BoreDom Butcher" with cool effect and may be a Knife at the right corner with blood on it.


I promise I'll stay 24/7 on your blog if you do that :P.

And That Jack N Jill thing is ....totally Predictable. You ruined my mind :(

But for some reason ...I expected it to say that daughter thing.

Welcome Back :D.

Tariq Mian said...

What's the real reason behind your failure with distinction?
May be you confused the answers in the exam thinking you were writing a post.
May be you were dreaming a wrong target.
BTW: tell us where you really were during your disappearance.

Welcome back to your HERD.

Areesha Bilal said...

I saw your new post and I was dancing around my room =D

Oh my God, the lion and rabbit joke was epic xD

How could you fail in English!?! =O Dafa karo, I failed in Urdu once B-)

Ok the Jack and Jill poem was nasty, but one I will definitely remember xD

Dude, you deserve the award =P I missed your blog so much you have no idea!

Sadiya Merchant said...

ohhh ok.
1-grls readin ur stuf r all ovr u
2-examiners r mostly women *my theory*
3-u din get past english
sooooo dat wud mean u flunked bcos????
kaafi bura taste hai aapka

aakash said...

Lol... dude, I have this instant respect for people who proudly fail :D
Anyways sup! :)


Hazel said...

It's nice to see you back! It definitely felt longer than three weeks though!

And that Steve Jobs image in the apple was pretty cool :)

Anonymous said...

Interesting blog you have. :D

Aliza Khan said...
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Aliza Khan said...

I'm glad ur back but Thnx God I'm not a guy :P

Buwhahahahaha u flunked in English???????? Seriously???? YAr hona tha tou urdu mai hote :p ;)
I'm sorry I know I shouldn't be laughing and i'm trying not to but its hard ;)

I love your "small small exaggerations" Keep them up :P

It'sJodie-Ann,Bro. said...

Welcome back :)
And oh wow you failed at English? D; That sucks majorly.

Anonymous said...

Aww.. you failed English? I did, too.. during college. Total bummer.. Oh well. :p

The Steve Jobs image on that apple logo is so cool.. :)

Welcome back.

Aaishah said...

OMG YOU'RE BACK! :D :D :D I missed your blog. :'C

Ovais said...

I would disown you for failing English, but then I've disowned you before once. :P

Your posts are just ROFL.

Oh, and The One Who Leaves Me Breathless is turning sixteen. And she loves reading your blog because it's funny. :P

äмän ♥ said...

lOL english main urh gae :P hehe sorry cant help it.. chalo koi nahi khair na ;) .. nt a BG deal kiu ? :P

And Welcome back Bro :)

the other side of me said...

U failed ur english paper? Never mine,success taste better after a defeat..you are here..owh i missed u :P

ateeq mughal said...

ok, i did fail in english,
and for my mom
it's something huge :P
for me
its nothing that really matters,
ok just lied that
@rossete, pehley parhney wali cheez nai thi par ab he
@daniyal, i will do that stuff when i will have pretty much leisure time, so lets hope its soon,
Tariq mian, i was just too busy, :P
with sutdies, precisely :P
and why i failed, cos i am really bad with comprehensions :P
@areesha, i saw ur comment notification and i knew it would be a good one :P
@sadiya, had nai hogai mere bekar taste ki, and u know i was so waiting forward for ur reaction :P, don't know why but its true :D
@akash, that was the most wonderful feeling when the teacher handed the paper to me after cheking it :P
@hazel, u just don't know how much i missed ur blog. :D
@ my 2 pesos, thank you very much, :D
@aliza, u can laugh on that i literally fell to the ground when i saw the marks
@joddie, i know it sucks, and made me sick :D
@leah, high five :D
@aaisha, yeah finally i am.
@ ovais really, :D
that is wonderful,
@aman, urh gaye!!!!!!!!! tabah o barbad hogaye :P
@OSM, missed u too, and yeah i would work hard this time :D

Mishi said...

awwwwwwwwwww Finally you are back! I missed you..Welcome back sweetheart:-)

äмän ♥ said...

Hahha Koi nahi Broitna tou chalta hain :P is main bi apna hi maza hain :D pass tou sabi ho jaty hain :P

äмän ♥ said...

Hahha Koi nahi Broitna tou chalta hain :P is main bi apna hi maza hain :D pass tou sabi ho jaty hain :P

ateeq mughal said...

@mishi, yeah i am back, :P
@aman, asal mein baqion mein itney class k marks hhn, k dil kharab hojata he kahan frst araha hota or kahan result hi nai baney ga :P

Anonymous said...

welcome back buddy!! koi nahi yaar fail hoke pass hone wale ko bazzigar kehte h..:D :D...
Keep posting..

Live2cherish said...

Kya dhassu re-entry thi :)

Maham said...
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Muhammad Israr said...

welcome back boredom butcher... i thought you would be back by Eid :)
and you failed to pass english...too bad... why not take urdu or something else? hope the earthquake didnt happen or we wouldnt be reading your hillarious post here... :) keep it up man ....

Cool Math said...

Nice to see you back!